Kool Video from my runs at PIR last night

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by The Factor, Aug 8, 2004.

  1. Thought you guys might enjoy this footage of my 03 Cobra racing a lightning at the track and almost nailing a 11sec run...I ran a [email protected] with a 1.786 ...60'..still need to do some more tuning,I think I need a little tuning too :rolleyes:first ones a pretty kool burnout Enjoy ..just click on the link ...Sorry having problem downloading...check it out on Stangnet Northwest forum under My PIR videos.....
  2. links do not work for me. maybe i am just stupid lol
  3. Pssst - You forgot to link the URLs for the videos... :doh:

  4. oops ....sorry...i'll try it again...kinda new to the computer thing....I do have it posted on the NW forum....Under my PIR results....its the seventh thread on the post... :nice:
  5. Well I tryed again and it wouldnt work,guess I need some more practice on the key board :shrug: My Buddy walked me threw the last one thats why it worked on the other post....