Krazy Kiley's "Situation"

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  1. I have 1997 Mustang GT, and I went to Kiley's in Saskatoon to buy new speakers for my car. (They had a sale on, and I wanted speakers. not having done much research) Soo, I'm looking at 6.5" speakers, thinking this is what my car has in it for the front. So the salesman is trying to sell me these PPI Component speakers and I was wondering if they would fit my car so he goes on the computer to Crutchfield's website and it said they would fit. I didn't have quite enough money so i applied for that Trans Canada Credit and got a $1000 limit or something. So he weasled me into buying 6x9's too, Apline Type R's. So all is good I pay and whatnot (****er tried to sell me an amp too). Then after I bought it (trusting his word) went to install my rear speakers. Get the rear deck all apart, ****, 6x8's. So I go on the computer and find out the sizes were 5.25" in the front and 6x8's in the back. So I went to Stoon a couple weekends after and tried returning the speakers and this ****tard salesman says they oh they fit and showed me the site and i seen 6.5". But now that i just looked at the site myself, I remember him not showing me the car model. He was saying how since its through T.C.C. and they don't carry PPI speakers they couldn't do anything about it. He was saying how I could make a killing off E-bay and other **** like that. The ****ers wouldn't even let me have store credit. Then after all this **** he asks if he can help me out with anything else today. I didn't loose it on him this time, but I'm going back this weekend. What does everyone think I should do? I ****ing hate Kiley's now. :mad: :nonono: :mad:

    Cliff notes: Kiley's says speakers fit in car, I buy speakers, they don't fit. Wont return them or give store credit.
  2. A couple of questions...

    1) Have you opened the packages and tried to install them yet? IOW is everything unopened, new condition?

    2) Kiley's is wrong (and they're right). 6x9's wont fit in the rear (they're 5x7/6x8) - I also thought the fronts were 6x8's in 97's.... maybe not. However, remember, with the right amount of $$ and effort, ANYTHING can be "made" to fit.

    You should see the manager/owner - forget the****tard salesman. Tell him you wanted drop-in speakers - and these don't "drop in" - they require custom fitment - and I guarantee you to make the 6x9s fit you'll be cutting metal.

    Calmly, but firmly explain to the manager/owner that a) they do *not* drop in, regardless of what the website said (and why were they checking crutchfield - don't they have their own fitment guide?). Then, again calmly but firmly explain to him that you expect the store to exchange the speakers you bought for some speakers that fit. Period.

    If that doesn't work, you need to call the credit card company and dispute the charges - you were given incorrect advice and sold incorrect goods.
  3. You can fit the 6.5's in up front, you'll just have to either buy some adapters or make your own. The 6x9's, however will be a lot trickier, and it would either involve cutting up the rear deck or make a baffle and mount them from the bottom. Te salesman gave you the wrong information, and is probably just trying to save his own butt. I agree with grodgers, talk to the manager, not the salesman.
  4. There are premade adaptors to make both fit in the car pretty cheaply.
  5. definitely--don't mess with the loser salesman...go straight to manager...

    shops are based on reputation--once they are known as ripp-off goes down...and make sure they know that U KNOW that...
  6. If none of that works then go to the manager and say that the salesman told you to "shut the fu*k up" and called you "retarted" and then when no one was looking he took his pants off and er, flashed you his "muffler" :D
    Try to get that lying :fuss: fired lol

    Keep us posted on what happened :cool:
  7. Kiley's won't do anything for you, I went through the same thing with amps. worst mistake of my life. They pin it as your fault and stick with it.
  8. Well, I took my speakers there, stuck to my word, said i wanted my money back and thats it, it was the salespersons fault. He wouldn't do **** so i asked to speak to the manager. He was a real prick, said that he could exchange the speakers for speakers that would fit. I didn't want new speakers anymore but he wouldn't do a return. So I exchanged the speakers for a Canon Powershot A80 with some accessories and a 128mb card. I figured if I want my money back I would have an easier time selling the camera rather than some car speakers. I'm liking the camera though, so I might keep it anyways.

    Note to everyone, never shop at Krazy Kiley's Electronics :bang: .
  9. Krazy Kileys sale staff are all Jokes

    i went to krazy kileys about a month ago to get a deck for my car because i had boughten subwoofers to be hooked up. so i go there looking at alpine decks and the sales guy is asking me what i needed. so i told him i needed a deck the works with an ipod with the subwoofer preouts so he tells me that alpine is the wrong place to look because none of alpine's decks work with ipod's (Wrong) so he takes me to the kenwood part and shows me a deck with an ipod usb spot in the front so he tells me its exactly what i needed for "what i needed" so i buy since its also on sale. i go to get it installed and guess what. there were no subwoofer preouts. he sold me a deck that wasn't able to be used for that.. and the receipt they gave me said that i had boughten a 10" subwoofer box. NEVER BUY FROM KRAZY KILEYS. (They wouldn't give me a store credit or exchange or refund"