KUSTOM work on a 200,000+ car by bam margera himself!

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    Total Custom Gallardo!

    Wondering why that ugly color? He bought it because he thought it was such a retarded color for such a nice car.


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  2. Not in tech.
  3. oops thought I was in talk sorry bud.
  4. I realize he's loaded, but come on....... :nonono:
  5. I heard hes almost outa money. I bet he was stoned & drunk and said hey sunroofs are cool lets put one in my lambo.
  6. the color was fine... that's rediculous, and not rediculous in the cool way
  7. some people have too much money, and not enough brains
  8. wtf was the pointing of doing that? :nonono:
  9. i dont know about you...but id be pretty proud to say i hacked a sunroof into a $200,000 car.... :notnice: how about give me the car and let me sell it for parts for my stang :nice: and maybe a 04 cobra
  10. i did that to my car :D
  11. actually on mtv cribs he said it was a custom paintjob, I guess he figures he can always wait nevermind there really is no reason that is near a good one to do that.
  12. What a dumb azzzz :notnice: I'm trying to scrape some money together to buy a set of fake cobra wheels for my 100,000 mile 10 yr old car and this dooofuss is cutting holes in a $200,000 car :nonono: I guess the working man is a fool.....I cant wait till he's a has-been :bang:
  13. I think its funny as hell..haha awesome
  14. Pretty clever. Maybe he has an appointment with a custom shop to put in a moonroof or do a roadster conversion. At that point it doesn't matter that he cut the roof up. But who knows! :shrug:
  15. Hes the man. More rich people should do dumb stuff with their money, the world would be alot funnier.