Kyb Shock And Strut Kit With Sve Springs

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  1. So my project is moving slowly now. i ordered whatever body trim parts i need, so now I'm looking around for budget go-fast and handling parts. While looking around the late model restoration site, i came across this shock/strut and spring kit:

    I had KYB's on my 98 GT, and they were pretty good. I added a set of FRPP springs and it gave it a noticeable drop (not too much, not too little) but definitely not slammed, and the car handled well! These springs seem like a reproduction of the FRPP springs, as the drop amount seems close to an FRPP spring (all the others I've seen lower a fox about 1.5 inches front and back)

    What do you guys think about this kit? for 349 it seems pretty damn reasonable (i wanted one of the Koni sets but 750 for just struts and shocks is a bit much for me) Of course subframe connectors will be the first thing before these.

  2. i like my kyb and eibach pros... fender lip: 24 3/4 front 26 rear.. front poly everything.. stock wheels.. no experience with sve...

    its a tight ride for sure...
  3. The drop heights look real similar to the FRPP C springs.
  4. Those springs would be closer to the eibach pro kit then an FRPP kit. The FRPP springs would only give you about 3/4"-1" drop up front a 1/2" out back. With these springs, you would be looking at 1-1/4" up front with a 1" out back.