L.A. auto show and the new Mustang?

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  1. Does anyone know if the new Mustang is going to be at the L.A. auto show coming up on the 2nd? Will it be there at the beginning or at the end? Im sure it needs to debut in Detroit first. I need to know when to head over there with my cameras!
  2. I out the LA auto show website and it did not say anything about the 05 stang. :notnice:

    Here's a link:LA Auto Show
  3. Thats not good. Although it does say some manufacturers choose not to announce their vehicle debuts in advance. There still may be hope.

  4. I doubt we'll see it here in L.A. until it hits the dealers next September..

    We always get screwed here in LA because our auto show is at the same time as Detroit. Every year it's the same old thing, the Ford section of the show looks like a damned Ford dealer, they don't even bring out the current SVT vehicles. It sickens me. While the entire country has seen the GT-40 concept or production version, we here in LA are yet to see it. Same for the 05 Mustang concept, and I doubt Ford will have an 05 GT here in LA. I'm not even going to waste my time and money this year if there isn't anything worth seeing. LA is the worst city in the nation to live in if you're a car person, we are treated as if we don't exist by the manufacturers. :mad: :bang: :damnit: :fuss: :uzi: :notnice: :nonono: :fuss:
  5. Hey last year at the LA auto show they had the 05 concept car.....you must have missed it
  6. I feel your pain man. Try seattle's show. We get very few concepts from any manufacturer. I've only seen the gt40 and the concept stang in pictures. We got 2 concepts last year total. And the polished aluminum jaguar I don't think really counts as a concept.
  7. Not much came out of the LA show at all.
    Wait for NAIAS in Detroit to see the toys.
  8. We get the shaft here in chicago too. We never got the mercedes slr here, or the porsche carrera gt, or jaguar's chopped window speedster... :( It's enough to make you spit when they blow you off like that!
  9. I don't feel to bad for you. Try living in Canada. Our auto shows suck. I could see the same cars if I went to the local automall.
  10. dumbass is cryin cuz he lives in la. try green bay wisc, we get a whole jack ****
  11. Yeah, the car show SUCKED! :sleep: I went yesterday and I would of seen more Ford models if I just went to the local Ford dealership. They only had a Mach 1 and a sixer convert, with a bunch of kids mawling the crap out of them.

    One nice thing where the eye candy, and it wasn't the cars...girly's everywhere. :eek:
  12. I was at the LA auto show on Saturday, and the Ford rep said the 05 Mustang WILL be in LA on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is in stone.....Just like they did with the concept car last year.
  13. Last year I went to both the LA and NAIAS. I went to the LA auto show the first weekend and the NAIAS the next weekend. They debuted the 05 concept cars in Detroit and then shipped the convertible to LA for the end of that show. I only got to see to coup because the vert was headed west while I was headed east.

    The LA auto show does suck compared to the NAIAS in Detroit but it is still better than most auto shows in the country. I never understood why they do not move the LA show to the later part of January so more of the concept cars can be there. Also, the NAIAS and the LA show are very different in concept. In LA it is just a sales show while in Detroit it still has the sales element but it also is directed to industry people and the press. The Detroit show was just amazing compared to the LA shows I have been to.

    In conclusion, I need to get my ass out of Oregon and move back to civilization.
  14. Amen I live in washington and get nothing.
  15. you all have nothing to complain about!!!!!! I am in the military stationed in South Korea. There is nothing here but Kia's, Daewoo's, and bongo's (tiny ass flat faced trucks) it is rare to see a real car here. This is a mustang lovers HELL!!! :bang:
    To add to that, my car is in storage back in wisconsin and all I have are pictures and this dern forum full of people crying about being too far from the good car shows. Try 12,000 MILES!!!
    GO AIR FORCE! :flag:
  16. I wonder if the '04 Houston Auto Show will have the '05 Mustang?..... We had the GT40 and the GTO... Hopefully, so.

  17. I've never even been to an auto show... the closest is in toronto i believe and that is on the opposite side of the country. There is one Saleen in my city, 7 Z34's (only one manual), 0 SL500 Mercedes, 6 Mercedes SUV's, 15-20 BMW's (one roadster), 1 Mustang for every 7 people (true stat), My dads friend has one of the only 3 vipers in the PROVINCE (think state), 3 LS1 Trans Ams, 7 Corvettes (my friend has 2) and 2 porsche's, one is a 98 boxter, and the other is 80's style and missing a window and engine. The sad thing is no one is poor, in fact i would call most people here rich, the roads are just so bad no one is going to waste money on a car that will be totalled in 2 years tops. (my friend had a Corvette, a Cadillac, a Precidia and a 1968 Mustang (mint condition) when he was 15)... to bad he's too stupid that he sold the cadillac and the Mustang because he wanted to "pimp" out a honda civic... cough rice cough...

    So don't bother complaining, Im lucky to see anything more exotic then a Corvette. And to top things off, these cars are driven for maybe a month out of the year, the roads are the worst in the country here, and 70% of the year the roads are either covered in snow or rain. I tend to get a little bit pissed off when I hear people complain that their auto show only had 6 Jaguars and the world is going down hill, they only saw 22 Ferraris on the way to work today.