LA New 'Stang member


New Member
Apr 8, 2020
Los Angeles
Hello all! Just signed up and wanted to do a small intro...I'm a soon-to-be new owner of a '98 mustang gt (Picking her up tomorrow!) and its' been a long time coming! This will be my 1st American muscle car, and while looking for the cleanest possible stang I can find in my budget, I stumbled upon a 2-owner Red (hardtop) "gently used" with about 150,XXX miles, bone stock aside from couple cosmetic mods with decent mechanical history for a STEAL so I couldn't pass this up! Plans for it is to ofcourse do any pending maintenance on it and some preventative maintenance before tackling some mods as I daily drive it. Super excited and can't wait to post some pics and become fully involved with my new baby and in the 'stang community!
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