Lack bass on burned CD's

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  1. Seems burned CD's have problems in my CD player in the car in bass output. They are lackluster to say the most. However these CD's when played anywhere else have the bass. This only happens with burned cd's. It makes no sense to me. Is my problem unique or is it well known?
  2. Wierd is more like it. I've burned more CD's than I'd care to admit, both from MP3's and straight CD copy's.

    While the MP3's tended to lack bass because of the conversion from PCM to compressed format, and then back again, the staright copies always sounded as good as the original.

    Don't know what to tell you beyond that. :shrug:
  3. I agree.. it's strange that it would lack the bass with your system but not others... what's the bitrate you burn these songs at?
  4. sounds like a head unit problem... depending on the age and who makes it, i think it doesnt have the right components to read mp3's right. Ever hear burned cds on an old computer compaired to a new one? Sounds like a cd player
  5. the mean bit rate is 128.
  6. The mp3's are burned to standard format like any other cd. This problem makes no sense to me. What I will do is do a disc copy and try the burned cd, and try the original too.

    I just think maybe when sound is run through the sound card of my computer it normalizes for bass? and the problem lies in the mp3's. But basically this is all rambling. I will test out the situation and let you all know.
  7. Its your head unit.
  8. This may be your problem or it may not be... but 128 bitrate is low.... it's terrible sound quality to say the least and you will notice the difference on any decent sound system. Try and use 320 bitrate.... 256 is good as well.... 192 at the very very lowest... Try downloading some songs that are 320 bitrate.. burn them... play them... and see how they sound... You will get better sound quality.. but I can't promise that it will fix the bass problem (although it might).

    If the increased bitrate doesn't help any then that other guy is probably right.. it sounds like it could just be the head unit.. Might be time for a new one.
  9. I did a direct CD copy and no bass problem. The only reason I posted is because it all sounds the same on my computer. Err. But a select burned song at 256kbit showed the most bass on the cd. Confuses me. Maybe I can pick up a 3rd party normalizer utility before I burn.
  10. Stunned again.. che3ck this out

    The bitrate, even 112kb/s bitrate leaves the original base waves untouched. Treble is only thing that is cut off with decreased quality mp3.

    So my question now is the why, if it is the head unit why is it cutting bass on mp3 burns but not other burns or CD's?
  11. Are you sure some type of EQ isn't applied during the decompression process? I burn mp3 cd's regularly and haven't had any problems...
  12. The higher the MP3 compression, the better bass response it is going to have. They say 128kbps is cd quality, I think 192 is more like it. I dont use any mp3's under 192 because of the lack of quality definition. Try grabbing some mp3's off line that are at 320 and see how these sound.
  13. Oops, didnt read what DaFeared posted earlier, I pretty much agree with what he says.
  14. stupid ?? but have you tried a different type of media. . some players do not like some burned discs ,,, but if not then it maybe a bitrate problem