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  1. Is anyone familiar with problems with lag when accelerating. I have a 2005 V6 automatic and it seems sluggish upon take off. I push the pedal and nothing happens until a few seconds later then I get that huge burst of speed. The delayed reaction is scary. How do I fix it? Is it easy for a not-so-car-smart girl like me to fix or will it require maintenance? ALso, I've heard of tuners....what are they and are they easy and safe to use?
  2. check out they have a tuner that is very easy to use, called the X-cal2. many of the top tuners in the nation use this brand, so tunes are easy to get by email. to use it, all you do is plug it into the plug under the steering column, and press a few butttons to load the tune.

    the tuner will cure your throttle lag, as well as improve your shifts with the automatic transmission. combine that with a good cold air intake, and you will get a nice improvement in power.

  3. Our cars are 15 second cars stock, but with a good tune, a CAI and a axle back muffler many are running high to mid 14's. Here are some suggestions on tuners...

    • Doug/Bamachips: XCAL2 and your choice of TI or C&L CAI. (When I switched to his tune for my old TI, it shaved off 3/10ths on my time, his daily driver is an auto as well, though I think he has several test mules/test customer cars at his disposal)
    • Lidio/Alternative Auto: XCAL2 and CAI (I did some research and several shops referred me to him for Automatics, his personal daily driver is an auto)
    • Brenspeed: XCAL2 and C&L (another highly reputable shop)
    • Justin/VMP Tuning: XCAL2 and ? (Considered one of the top dogs for the V6 stang community and collaborates with Doug on occasion to my knowledge, he’s also tested more CAI’s on the same dyno session than anyone I’ve seen so far, read about it here: )

    Stick with any of the above and you will be fine.
  4. Im assuming that the delay is from the drive by wire (somebody correct me if I got the terminology wrong).
  5. You are correct!

    FORD refers to this dubious feature as Torque Management ....

    but most of us find it simply irritating - in the extreme.

    FWIW, its less of a problem on the 5 speeds
  6. Why did Ford have to mess with the good old throttle cable setup:nonono: :nonono:
  7. Great info about the tuners, Thanks!!
    I'm leaning towards Doug/Bama chips and the XCal2.

    Quick question in regard to the Tuners..

    Are they compatible with more than one vehicle?
    My brother has a 2006 V6 coupe/auto, and I just got a 2006 V6 Convertible /Auto.
    Same tire size, etc..
    We wanted to split the cost of one and tune both cars the same way.

    Any ideas if this is specific to one car?
  8. you can use it on both vehicles, but not at the same time. it locks to one car at a time. you have to return one car to stock before you can tune the other car. also, the tunes would not be the same for both cars, so you would need a tune for each car.
  9. Thanks for the fast response.
    That really sucks that it doesnt work the way I wanted it to. All well.
    I guess my brother will have to get his own.
  10. V6 throttle response

    I'm experiencing this annoying response also. I have a 2006 Southern California Special (V6, automatic). If I use an X-cal2 tune on the engine, will the shift response on the transmission improve also? (Will the shifts become firmer?)
  11. yes
  12. I haven't had any "lag" on acceleration, but I don't have TC either.

    If you have TC, can you turn it off and experiment with launching?

    I have no problems with shift response.

    At 38,000 miles, I can still "chirp" second gear on my automatic.

  13. General Question with Tuners

    A general question for you guys with Tuners...

    I hear different things about the programs.

    Some are "professional" tunes, others are "canned".

    What about, for lack of a better term, "freeform"?

    For instance, I just want to say, alter my tire size/speedo reading.

    Is there a tuner that can let you make one change at a time?

    You know, like modify a shift point, drive test it, modify it again...

    Sounds like the "tunes" out there are a whole range of "performance" changes at once.

    I am not sure I want to suddenly drive a different car, as opposed to tweaking performance as needed.

    Is there a way to do BOTH? Get a "professional" tune then modify certain things if needed (ie. lower shift points or whatever)?


  14. You have the option to modify certain optional parameters with any tune, be it custom or canned.

    For example, you can edit your Tire Revs per Mile in case you change your wheel size and tires, or you can change your Axle Ratio should you put in a set of rear end gears, etc. You can even change your transmission shift pressure to make the shifts harder or softer to your liking.
  15. What does all of this to do your warranty?
  16. i would think nothing. you can reset it back to the stock tune before you have any work done.
  17. If you complain enough to the dealer about the lag time, would he retune it?
  18. its too bad that SOMEONE doesnt offer us a reflash that addresses the Throttle Lag alone.

    personally, I dont want all the frigging bells and whistles ... mainly due to the need for higher octane fuel.

  19. I seriously doubt it since Ford's stance is that it is a normal operation of the Drive-by-Wire system.

    The Toyota Highlander has the same system and their owner's are complaining about the same lag too.
  20. You can get tunes for lower octane fuel.

    I have tunes for 87 performance and 87 economy on my tuner.