Lamborghini Doors...

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by joe_mama71, Aug 20, 2005.

  1. Hmmmmm.....suicide doors might be cool.
  2. Ha, I didn't even think of the S7! I stand corrected, but my opinion still stands. I wouldn't do it on a mustang, and neither did ol' Steve.
  3. At least those doors looks functional.
  4. I think lambo doors look cool but only if the car has the balls to back it up. Theres nothing worse then a car thats all show and no go.
  5. yeah but lambo doors on a mustang open out first and then up,not as far out but still go out first pure mustang performance makes the best kit,i was going to put them on mine once then my friend talked sense into me and he said it would look better if i just threw a brick through the windshield so now he has convinced me that lambo doors are dumb
  6. You won't win any races but you would sure win some car shows. Not everyone uses their Mustang to race.
  7. Don't do this to a Saleen, please. Buy a used GT and do it to it, first.
  8. i was told that if you added the wrong kit to the car, it would be like bending a piece of metal back and forth until it breaks. the door frame isnt designed to have the weight transferred to the locations the lambo doors would put it, and the metal would eventually break. i could be wrong, but in order to make everything work you need to reinforce your door frame. IMO, do what everyone is telling you and get forged internals, maybe you can break the
    600rwhp mark:shrug:
  10. It's not so much the appearance....getting in/out might be real nasty. I know people that regreted installing them & sold their car because of that. Think about it.
  11. Please, oh please, let this thread die, so people won't ever read the subject and get the idea to actually do this horrendous mod to their car.