lambse, kams... rich?

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  1. I will have to work with the wideband this weekend. I was just looking over my log and it seems it goes out of CL when it starts slowing down. Then when I start to accelerate it goes back. I could have it backwards. It might go to CL when slowing and OL when accelerating

    Almost like the CL switch is confused with the PT switch. :shrug:

    When I was logging with BE I made a light on the datalogger for STATUS1, which I thought was CL. But it would only come on when I had 0 throttle.

  2. Ah, I will have to jump back into the PCM code, but I there are different throttle states, this may be what you are seeing. I'll dig it up later from the CRAI8 documentation.

  3. I logged with calcon today and was in CL most of the time. So I think something is wrong with BE logging. My kams are all over the place and I see no pattern to them. As low as .94 and up to 1.08. But they are mostly staying 1 give or take .02.

    my slopes are
    43.5991 high
    48.4984 low

    I will probably leave them alone now and work with something else. Such as my offset.
  4. Sounds like you've got it pretty darn close, man. It will never be perfect, I consider +-5% on a driver in CL as great. The adaptive strategy is doing what it needs to do.

    Definitely fool around with the battery/injector offset in EA.

    How far do you live away from the South MS/LA border around Tylertown?

  5. I did a short WOT pull and when my mafv hit 3.5ish the afr goes from 10.8-11.8 to 12.4-12.8 :nonono: I don't want to, but it looks like I will have to do some work with the curve.

    I'm not too far away from there. Probably alittle over an hour away.
  6. Multiply the kg/hr from 2.80V on up by 1.10 and run it again.

    The 1.10 is coming from ACTUAL_AFR/COMMANDED_AFR per voltage. In other words you are making it 10% richer. This is easy to do in Excel, I can shoot you the worksheet I made on your log if that will help clarify it.

  7. You are talking about the maf transfer right? Couldn't I just use caledit and select 17-30 and richen it 10%?

  8. Yup, you can do that too.
  9. I think I see what I should have known years ago. I don't want to just focus on getting my afr at 11.6-11.8ish by messing with the maf curve. I need it to match my lambse as close as possible. I know it commands like 11.2 or something, but I can always change that to 11.6.

    On that short pull my transmission did not down shift, but it looks like it shifts too early still. My mlps is lined up perfect, so I don't know what the problem could be. :nonono:
  10. You've got it. You want to get the closed loop as close as you can by starting with a good MAF and injector settings. Even then, the WOT is usually off a bit (assuming a good wideband sensor and no exhaust leaks). Messing with the MAF here is a-ok.

    Another thing you can do for your 3.27s if this isn't set, is setup the scalars for the output shaft speed. Do this before you do my next suggestion.

    Try this:
    Base RPM to Vehicle Speed (VS) Ratio/NVBASE: 44.5
    NV_product/NVBASE_X_N: 178
    multiplier_NV/NOVCNT: 4

    The next option... on the transmission, try multiplying the shift and lock schedules up by 20% or so (1.20). Make sure they are all done the same way. Double check your WOT shiftpoints. Start with a lower RPM and work your way up.

    You can also doublecheck the lock schedules to make sure they are locking immediately after a shift. If you get a good WOT run with going 1-2-3 be sure to datalog the gear, mph and converter lock and I will help you get this right.

  11. thought I had my "warm start-up" problem fixed, but I guess it was just cooling down too much.

    My original post here

    I know I should tweak FN348A, but I don't know how. I don't have BE on my desktop, but if I remember the multiplier in some spots was .80. Do I just take 45% off of all values (19/42) in the multiplier column? :shrug: I probably have this totally wrong, that I why I am asking first.

    newest tune
  12. I don't know what my startup problem is. I changed nothing that should effect it and it has only done it once more.

    I know I can have my kams about 5% lean/rich, but when I come to a stop they go up to 1.07. When accelerating they drop down as low as .94. I still have not changed my injector offset, so I might try that.

    I am really tempted to mess with the Injector timing.

    Other than those kam problems, my CL driving is doing good.
  13. Just came back from the track. Made a terrible pass, and the car down shifted again. It felt like it went from 3-2 when I was around 4500 rpms, so of course it just shot the rpms up.

    Came back to look at my log, and it did not even save. :nonono:

    Let it sit for a while and under converter lock, I put in 127.5mph for 2nd and 3rd. So that it might not lock at all :shrug: It started to do the same thing (multiple times) towards the end of the track. I don't have the log in front of me, but I figure it is just downshifting again. My afr was 10.0-10.5 :notnice: but I think I saw my lambse was 10.41

    Anyways, I am running rich. My brother thinks that my transmission problem could be some sensor in the transmission.
  14. How long had the car been running when you started the log?

    Does the logged AFR match up with your gauge?

  15. Also, I would not do any more WOT runs on this, look at your commanded GEAR from ET 24 - 35.

    To potentially fix this, look at TMSQ32P2 - "Trans Minimum Time in 3rd Prior to 2-3". It is set at 0.5 now, try increasing it. This scalar is in CalEdit only.

    Also, you may want to lower your delay for converter locking in 2nd and 3rd - these are U23DLY

  16. not long, a minute maybe (trying to keep ect down) and I don't have a gauge. Just using the logging.

    are you talking about how it goes from 2 to 3 and 3 to 2? That is the problem I had last time I went wot. Let me look at those settings...

    On that pass I left the converter unlocked on purpose. Should I still mess with U23DLY

    Got a new laptop, does caledit work with vista?

  17. You were still in the startup enrichment which would explain the richer commanded LAMBSE. I set ECTSTABLTIM to "1" on my tune to let it get into the stabilized settings as soon as possible, this might be a good idea for you as well - helps if you go to the track and stall or have to restart your car for some reason before you make a pass.

    Any reason not to lock the converter ASAP as soon as your shift is completed?

    Did you get the 2-3 shuffle before you messed with the locking?

    Yeah CalEdit works with Vista, BE does as well.

    Hey tell me again about your 1 O2 sensor. You just changed the NUMEGO "Hego - Number of Hegos" scalar to 1 and set the FN1327 "Fuel - Injector Output Port" to all 0's and then it only used the passenger side "#1" sensor? This might be a good option for me doing tuning for local guys when I put my wideband on their car so they don't have to get a bung welded in or get forced OL.

  18. I thought maybe the converter could be causing the shift problems so I changed all the locking mph to 127. Its not on that tune, but another ccf. Now that I know I that was not the problem I don't use it.

    I figured out caledit.

    Yea, you have it right on the hego settings. I just changed to 1, and all zeros and used the passenger side.

  19. I'd look at those shift tables (up/downshift lock/unlock) and make sure nothing is crossing. Perhaps start back with the stock settings and go from there. When you change them, change all the tables by the same ratio.

    My software to compare the curves all in one spot is on the fritz. I might load them in Excel later on and take a look if I have a minute.

    Thanks, I will give this a shot. That is great that it works out that the driver's side bank is free, that is the one I want the wideband in.