lambse, kams... rich?

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  1. I changed TMSQ32P2 from 0.5 to 0.599609. That is what I had in my old tune (last year) If that does not work I might just change all my trans settings to the old ones.
  2. OK ya'll here's my .02. When I began TwEECing, I followed the logic below for tuning the MAF. I remember reading on the tuning sites that to either tune the injector slopes to the MAF or the MAF to the injector slopes but not both at the same time, or else, like a dog, you'll be chasing your tail. I don't remember the fellas name so I can't give him credit but I can say it made my TwEECing life much easier.

    I have the stock 24lbers and I set the injector slopes to 24.xxxx and then I tune the MAF to the slopes - never touched them again. I datalog long drives - idle, part throttle, WOT, highway, stop and go etc. to dial in the MAF. Now with 30s it's bit different but ain't a bit different - meaning set your slopes and then start tuning the MAF to the slopes. But whatever you do don't keep changing both because you will be chasing your tail.

    ...3) At this point the MAF and or slopes need to be dialed in. There are several approaches to do this.

    3a) If you have the MAF curve from the manufacture, I would start with that, and then I would calculate the slopes using the EEC Analyzer. This is done on the "Injector Slope" dialog and not the PW vs KAMRF tab. This will get the slopes very close. After that I would fine tune the MAF with either a WB or KAMRF's. The object is to get the KAMRF's as close to 1.0 as possible if you are using a KAMRF method. If you are using a WB, the object is to get the LAMBSE's and WB readings as close as possible.

    3b) If the MAF curve is unknown and the slopes are known, then you should leave the slopes alone and adjust the MAF to match the slopes. You can use either the KAMRF or WB method to do this.

    3c) If the slopes and MAF are unknown then you can either adjust the MAF to match the slopes or the slopes to match the MAF. In most cases I would match the MAF to the slopes. It is easier to guess at the slopes than it is the MAF. This means that you should leave the slopes at some known value and adjust the MAF to match.

    4) Now calculate the Throttle Body air flow and ISC Neutral air flow numbers.

    5) Now you can do a few WOT pulls and fine tune the Injector timing...