Landed A New 2014 Gt

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  1. First service, 2,774.0 miles.
    As per my request the dealer changed the engine oil, drain and refill trans (MT-82), drain and refill diff. Also decided to have the dealer install a Track Pack diff cover while they were at it. (Mine is a Brembo GT, not a Track Package so it has 3.73's and a regular limited slip instead of a Torsen, and it comes with a basic steel cover)
    I'm sure there will be some folks that disagree, however when I build a customer's car I change these fluids at 1000 or less ...(Not always trans but the MT-82 needs all the help it can get)
  2. What is the full wheel/tire spec on the rear? Looks great. I can't decide if I want to put 19s or 20s on my grabber blue 2010.

  3. 19x10 with 35mm offset. Tires are 285/35/19 Goodyear F1 Supercars.
  4. That was very interesting. I have a those features on my new 2014 GT with the Brembo brake option but mine is an automatic. Only thing different is I have a 3:15 rear gear. But thanks for some great info.
  5. Received the Track Cal with voucher and K&N filter next day air from Auto Nation, registered myself and the car with Ford Racing this afternoon. Called Ford Racing to verify all is well and they are overnighting my Pro Cal tuner so I should have it tomorrow assuming they got it out the door in time. Now I just need to set my appointment with the dealer to have it installed. ~Also in the picture is a track key that they also shipped in the same bundle for a friend's 2013. He did the cluster swap on his.
  6. Pro Cal tuner, Trac Cal SIM card and EO Decal arrived today. :) I have a tentative appointment for next Tuesday at the dealer for installation.
  7. I am looking forward to hearing how this new Track Key program works over, say, some of the aftermarket tunes. Please review after install!
  8. Same on mine. 2014 GT with the Brembo brake package, automatic, 3:15's. Goodyear F1's Sterling Silver Grey. Have to wait until Saturday to have it tinted. Paid cash for it. :) I have been waiting since I was 16 for this car. Awesome. :)
  9. Enjoying my Track Cal. I drove all through the Sierra/Nevada mountains for the majority of last 3 days, burned through 3-4 tanks of fuel while still getting over 20MPG like before. It did obtain a check engine light with the Cat Efficiency codes on day 1, cleared them and they have not come back after 2 days and 2-3 tanks of gas. The car performs much better in all aspects, especially engine braking and throttle response. My only complaint is how long it takes for the lopey idle to activate. I also noticed if you "nearly stall" the car with the clutch as I did today on my way into the garage, it WILL shut off the lopey idle and require you to wait the 130 seconds before it kicks back in. There must be a minimum rpm requirement, or it must have thought I actually stalled the car. I'm sure this tune will have a few bugs and in my case I have plenty of warranty left to deal with it since I'm at 6k miles. I would think Ford Racing will eventually patch any issues if part failures arise, or if severe drivability issues come up. So far a few codes and no other issues and I'm definitely happy. I have not yet tried the launch control or pit speed limiter.
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  10. Just in for those that might have a concern...

    Trackey for manual 2014 GT's manufactured after 7/1/2013 - Page 14 - The Mustang Source - Ford Mustang Forums

    Ray from the Ford Racing Tech Line has chimed in on the link above regarding the catalyst efficiency codes and Check Engine light. Sounds like FRPP has it figured out.
    Cats should be fine, there is an issue with the software that is causing a "false positive" during catalyst monitoring. I talked with him in depth over the phone and it all makes sense.
    They are issuing a revised tune in the next week or so for those of us that have the problem. Nothing should change in terms of the lopey idle and other performance + everything will still remain smog legal.
    Not everyone will have these problems either, just a handful. Good to hear they are fixing it.
  11. As per Ray's approval, here is his post with his contact info for anyone that has been plagued with this Track Key/Track Cal problem...
    "There will be an updated calibration that will take care of the false codes for cats. The cats are not being damaged.
    Please send me an email with full name, VIN and shipping address, when the new cal is released I wil make sure everyone receives it. Not everyone will see these codes but we want everyone to get the new cal to make sure you dont ever have these codes.
    My direct email is [email protected]
    Thanks, Ray"
  12. Updated Track Cal installed and no more issues.

    Here's a little video of my car with the Track Cal installed. ..Just playin around in a nearby canyon. ;)

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  13. Better video. I held the gears longer so you can hear the difference in the engine breaking with the Track Tune. You can also hear the lopey idle before I take off. This is with traction control off and Advancetrac on. Found out my alignment shop had misaligned the rear track width of the car a bit so the back-end was a little twitchy, all fixed now and it handles even better, no Advancetrac needed)
    ~SOUND IS VERY QUIET, TURN UP YOUR VOLUME AND THE VOLUME ON THE VIDEO ITSELF. Sounds best if you have an external sound system.
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  14. <<<Engine braking, not breaking! lol.