1. I installed an 89 tilt wheel on my 93 and love it, except I kept my 93 turn signal/wiper lever and its to long and sticks out funny because the 89 wheel is considerably smaller. I got my hands on a 89 turn signal lever and wanna swap it in but have been told the wiring and connections wont work together with my car. Has anyone done this swap that can give me advice and possibly some pics ? Thanks.
  2. It's the column that tilts, right? Is there no way to put the 93 wheel on the 89 column?
  3. air bag wheel wont go on the tilt column. I have tilt in my 93 and never really noticed a difference with the turn signal length.

    Edit. the connectors are different, that is why I kept the 93 stalk ( just like you did)
  4. Before you think about replacing the multifunction switch with one from the junkyard, here's some things to be aware of...

    A word of caution about multifunction switches is in order here. The multifunction switch (high/low beam, wiper, turn signals) are different for different years. 87-98 will work in any 87-89 car. The 90-93 switches only work in 90-93 cars. You can't put an early model switch in a late model car, nor can you put a late model switch in an early car.

    Supposedly you can move the pins around to make the switches work in model years that are different from the car the switch came out of. I cannot verify that and haven’t tried it.

    The following diagram is for 87-89 model cars.

    Turn signal switch wiring:
  5. So how did you deal with the airbag system and warning light?

    How about shortening the arm - I do not know if the earlier one is straight, has a straight end that could be cut off or has a place to cut into and use coupler on.
  6. Unplug the blue air bag module under the dash
  7. When I put the Big Stuff 3 in the car it replaces the ECU so the airbag system went into hard fault/failure mode. Perfect time to remove the entire thing.

    The light is still in the dash, I removed the bulb for good measure.

    That blue SOB makes a loud buzz, its easy to find.
  8. i helped my friend do the column swap and that buzz is very aggravating lol

    on a side note how is the BS3 ? is it MAF or SD ?
  9. SD like a race car!
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