Lanzar Products?

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  1. Has anyone ever used any Lanzar products before?

    I was thinking about getting one of their headunits that has 5 preouts and 240 watts. Also a 2400 watt amp w/ built in crossover, and two 15" subs. I am still undecided about what mids and highs to get.

    I am just not to sure about the quality of their products...
  2. Since being bough out,Lanzar has really dropped in quality,in looks,their still there.ANY headunit with 240 watts is a joke and shouldnt even be considered when using a amp
  3. Stay away from Lanzar. You'll thank me.
  4. What would yall suggest for a sub/amp combo in the range of $500 for one two channel amp and two subs?

    I just need something I can switch on in the school parking lot when all the ricers try to show everyone up with all their bass.... Some peoples are so bad that their neons have fallen off their cars because their radio is so loud! LMFAO!

    I'm making a box out of 3/4" MDF to fit behind the seats in my std cab truck, and since I listen to country, the bass wont be super loud 24/7, only turned up everyonce and a while to annoy people :D
  5. All you would need would be a one channel sub amp with subs run in parallel. Fosgate amps go for decent prices on ebay. Also the jbl sub amps are inexpensive. As far as subs, I prefer Kicker brand subs. I have L7s but you should be fine with the CompVRs.
  6. i havent got good sound from the Comp VR's,the L5/7's sound great in ALMOST any box.
  7. You guys want good prices on the L7's? Go straight to the actual manufacturer

    They even still make the old round Solos if you want them. Apparently, they've manufactured for Bostwick and Lanzar at one point also.
  8. **** Lanzar!!! I have two of thier worthless Vibrant amps. An 800watt 4-channel and a 1200 watt 2 channel. After about 6 months the 1200 stopped pushing my 2 12" Kickers. I called an wrote Lanzar about the problem and they did'nt even respond...

    On ebay you can get 2 good Kicker or Kenwoods for very cheap..

  9. i have been using powerbass and gotten some really good results, and they are very cost effective.
  10. Powerbass just took 3 trophies for SPL,and their stuff is really getting good reviews.I wish i wouldnt have turned down that job with them last year:Damnit:
  11. I dont think they make the Kicker's,their made overseas,,Credence are "made in the US" and you can buy the square surround,cone,basket and spiders that look the same.
  12. I know im in late but the old lanzar OPTI-DRIVE chit is the best i still run them and so do all my friends, but we baught these amps back in 97 so i dont know how hard they are to find

  13. They USED to make them. The original round Solos and the Resolution components. They also made the first series of square Solos. According to e-mails, they'll be selling alot more stuff.
  14. I have no problem using off brand stuff and when I get back from CES im sure ill find some new no name companies to deal with as well and overseas manufacture's.
  15. I was the same way, but eveytime I do that I end up wasting money. Maybe you have better luck than me.
  16. I have been to some of the factories overseas so i know what comes from where and what lower lines have the same components.:D
  17. well give up the tapes... looking for replcements for my junk Lanzars...
  18. SO what are you looking for?Headunit?Speakers?Amps?What is your budget?
  19. I want cheap equivilents of Zapco or Audison amplifiers, and maybe some "cheap" Seas Lotus drivers. Deal? :D
  20. Try Arc Audio,the guy that started it left Zapco and "took" some technology with him

    They recently built a boat that claims to be the worlds loudest boat and it has more equiptment then ive instaled in the past 2 months