Lanzar Products?

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  1. I saw the boat over at TermPro. I'm quite familiar with Arc amps- real nice stuff. I cannot stand their subs, and I've never hear anything else. I haven't quite placed why I don't like the sound of their subs, but it was probably install dependant. I'm betting they were set in a .707 or lower enclosure, and I really don't like the "dry" sound that produces.
  2. So kicker's aren't made in the USA anymore?
    Lanzar went to Chit?
    Soundstream soldout and is almost junk?
    RF amps are frying out in 3 months?

    Hell with new gear I'll keep my old stuff then.
  3. Hey, Boo! If you want to swap some old-school gear, holler at me. We'll meet up and knock back some wings and beer. What year is your car (hoping for a 94+).
  4. I just did a install in a 05 F-150 crew cab with Soundstream stuff.The Amps i used which were the 460 watt 2 channel and 4 channel were decent,but the hight were harsh,not warm sounding.I also used the 10" EGU 10X in a pre fab box which MIGHT have had .5 cu ft,so the woofers bottomed out pretty easy on rap,but rock/punk it was tight,i might add a bass enhancer module to try and help it a little,i used the 6.5" separates in the front decent sound and 3 way 5X7 in the rear ,very mid range-y sounding.As of now,i still like the off brand stuff:notnice:

    oh yeah,DO NOT buy the "RAPTOR" brand of wiring kits.I learned the hard way by using a 1/0 guage kit that looked good in the box,when opened the 1/0 was no bigger then the 4 GA that i already had:(
  5. Already got me on that one. I bought a roll of the crap from an e-gay store. I got my money back, thankfully.:mad: