Larocca's doesn't know how to fix my 93. WTF????

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by slvr302, Aug 14, 2003.

  1. just a dumb cats are bad
  2. It made perfect sense. You dragged up an old thread just so that you could post that it was like yours...

    ... and you say that I'm the one that makes no sense. :lol:

    Try looking up the words "inference" and "metaphor", as they seem to be two things that you have difficulty with.
  3. just a dumb cats are bad
  4. E-thug? lol Are you nuts? I'm probably the least e-thug type personality you've ever seen or heard about.
  5. I say stuff about it because it's my job to say stuff about it.

    Re livening an old post for the purpose of gathering further information or adding to it, is proper forum etiquette. Re livening a thread with a senseless post that neither asks a question or adds to the content is not.
  6. slvr302 has not posted since the 29th of December 2004. It's unlikely that he'll respond to your question.
  7. Daggar = eThug :rlaugh:

    If you are familiar with Daggar then you can find the humor in this. :rolleyes:
  8. +1 to ethug humor!! daggar your great lol
    +1 to these two people's issues being very unrelated due to lack of action on part of billison to swap his cats and find out what his issue really is.

    motion to close thread due to anger on my part toward billison, and also so billison doesn't piss off the 5.0 forum god, so that billison can still be welcome here.... just a thought daggar :)
  9. just a dumb cats are bad
  10. just a dumb cats are bad
  11. i just thought it would be a good idea to close this thread seeing as how it has no more 5.0 tech info in it. i would be interested in an update on your car, if/how it got fixed. and if it turns out it is not the cats (i think it probably is) but if not this thread should provide useful information on other things it could be. I don't want to fight, i just like to keep my forums professional and full of information.
  12. then we agree and my car is outta gas, so i'll post once i get off my but and get gas. I decided to take a breake for a day due to being mad at the car, we all know what happens when you work on you car when your mad...
  13. I'll leave the thread open so billison can post his fix in it if he's inclined to do so. :)