Larocca's Performance = AWFUL!!!

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  1. thanks man....I'm in the military but next time I am home I am definitely going to pay them a visit. I really appreciate it.
  2. no problem - - - and "thank you" for helping keep our country safe. Always know that you are appreciated...your dedication is what keeps our famlies safe.
  3. Amdrew Barrell

    I have ANdrew Barrells number somewhere. He worked for the old laroccas and left because he didnt see eye to eye with the new owners i think he said.

    I'll post his number when I find it. I think he is working out of some other shop with a dyno. He used to do much of the tuning before loraccas changed hands.

    Its really getting hard to find a TRUSTWORTHY shop that also does GOOD WORK.. I have found one yet that I feel 100% good about bringing my car to.
  4. I would stay 100 miles away from Crazy Horse, they totally screwed my car up, blew my motor, stole parts, charged me for parts they did not put on and lied to me forever as well as blamed vendors for their mistakes...Chris is the biggest Hack mechanic there is as well as a total POS....only reason he is in the mags is he has a dyno that he lets MM&FF use to test which gives him publicity..they are crooks!!! I can give you a slew of people that had CRAP work done there, worst experience in my automotive history...
  5. :eek: :nonono:
  6. I would use Mustang magic or Big Daddy's new place in South Jersey, he knows his S**T and does it clean and fast.
  7. Damn he's located like 10 minutes from where I live...they used to be across the street from me IIRC :p
  8. yeah....good honest shop with a proven record, plus he is a racer....cazy horse does not run a car at any events ...shows they are staying away from the people who's cars they ruin:notnice: ....literally a bunch of crooks..big dadddy can always be found:nice: and praised!
  9. where's this shop at you're talking about with "big daddy"? i only go to JD's in huntington valley pa outside NE philly
  10. Duane (Big Daddy) Gutridge's shop is in Jackson, NJ. I had some work done by him back when he was renting space at Freehold Ford. Top notch guy. Very highly recommended.
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    I have been looking for a mechanic in my area who is good and trustworthy. I have used two of the popular performance shops in the past and had questionable work happen at both. A number of people I know well recommended Al from Street MOtor sports in Cranford. I dont think he has a dyno and Im not sure about tuning, but for my clutch thats who I am going to trust.

    I'll post more about him next week after I get my clutch done, but so far he seems very knowledgable, professional and friendly. From what I understand he is big in motor X.
  12. Big Daddy Performance is the ONLY place to go - - - they have the only chassis dyno in the area that I know of...
    (see...told ya)

    Anyway, this guy is so far ahead of the rest it aint even a contest - - - he's honest and he does the best work I've ever seen AND he races too so you know if his stuff wasn't top notch he wouldn't be out there - - - the rest of these guys are pretenders - - - the man knows his stuff way beyond anyone else I've seen and I mean ANYONE - - - check out the website , RiotAct 1 is listed under customers cars I think.

    My '06 Gt is going in soon for a Big Daddy boost (500HP+), seriously I wouldn't trust anyone else but Dwayne with my cars - - - the man gurentees his work!!! Who else does that AND stands behind it? Right - - - no one but Big Daddy...


    God, I sound like a commercial...

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    I ended up using Al from Street Motorsports for my clutch install. He was very knowledgable and it was obvious he enjoys working on cars. I felt very secure with leavign my car with him and that the work would be done well. Unfortunetely he doesnt have a dyno to do tuning, but I hope to continue to have him work on my car. Im happy to have found someone good and local.