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  1. I've made a few threads of what I have done, but as things are ramping up I figure I should make a build thread of what I have done to date, and what I plan to do.

    I had my first Mustang back in 02, sold it (like an idiot) in 05 after doing a bunch of work to it, and didn't get back into a Mustang until March of 08. Drove this one without doing much to it for a couple of years, has 150K miles (roughly) on pretty much factory everything (yes even shocks/struts). Then I got a lot of bills out of the way, and saved up some overtime to do this:



    Think my sway bar bushings were bad?





    Put in new sway bar bushings, lower A arm bushings, Moog 95GT ball joints, MM sub frames, the MM Starter Box, 95GT spindles, Ranger rear axles/drums, with Cooper Zeons and Bullitts off an 01 Bullitt.

    Then I did this:




    Then I got this:


    Then this showed up at work last night:


    What could it be?






    Bagged waiting for the rest of my parts to trickle in, and I need to finish tearing the car down.


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  2. Looks like you've been spending some money, all in the right places though. Im really interested in how you like the Bilsteins. Im thinking of doing those myself. Ditching the Lakewood Struts and Shocks for a good street strut/shock combo
  3. Hell yes! I take it that's the Ford Strokers 347? What are the final plans for parts?
  4. I love them. Been driving the car with them for about a year now. Doesn't feel like a wallowing shopping cart anymore! Ride is a little rougher then stock (of course, but I think that is due to the R&T springs) but I don't mind it at all.

    Yeah it is. I need to pick out an intake still. I was going to run my GT40 tubular intake, but I have since changed my mind. I am probably going to get a track heat or a street heat TFS intake. Going to keep my hooker shorties cause I drive this car a lot and I don't want to have ground clearance issues (though the Moroso pan might be a problem, dunno yet).
  5. Considering I work in my driveway, your garage makes me :drool: but I like what you've done and plan to do, car looks good.
  6. I'd skip the SH and TH and go straight for the TFS R! That 347 is going to want to breathe, and the R will get the job done.

    Those are TW 170s, right? What cam is going in this engine?
  7. looking good, cant wait to see some pics of the new motor getting into the car!!!
  8. Jealous.
  9. Yeah regular 170's. If I was doing long tubes and planned to spin it hard I would do the R intake, but since it will see the street more then anything I think the R might be a waste on it. The cam is a Comp that specs out like so:

    .571 intake .569 exh
    219 int 230 exh @.050

    It is a much larger cam then I was expecting, I'm anxious to hear it run.

    Me too! lol

  10. Sweet! What part of Texas? I'm in Arlington, would love to see that thing up close. Maybe even lend a helping hand.
  11. Just outside of Austin, not real close. Like most things in Texas. lol
  12. Yeah that's a drive. Any plans to go to lmrs cruise? I'm going to try and make next year. Hopefully my car will be finished by then.
  13. Eh, I don't think the R would be a waste, lots of guys run the R on the street, myself included. But it's your car, your dough, your prerogative, so don't let me sway ya! :nice:

    That cam will probably be pretty drivable for you on the street. What's the LSA? Who spec'ed it out for you?
  14. That's exactly what I was thinking. I'm hoping to buy a house within the next couple of years, but I'm more excited to just have a garage!

    Great work so far! I'll definitely be following this thread.
  15. Yeah I had the TFS R nice intake, looks way better than all the other TFS intakes and made sweet power (ugh too much power)

  16. You won't dog the car putting that intake on with a motor like you have. You'll regret going with something smaller. Just put the 75mm version on.
  17. I figured my unported 170's and shorties would make an intake like that a waste.
  18. maybe but will those 170s stay untouched forever cuz the mod bug never goes away
  19. If I want more I'll put the work into my Dodge or my Cobra. I kinda want to leave this one alone for a while after I get it done. Plus, much more and I'll be pushing the limits of this stock block. I can't justify a Dart block for a car I drive to work.
  20. nothing wrong with that idea