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  1. You guys have me thinking about buying the "R" intake now. :rolleyes:
  2. having more power and not needing it is better than needing it and it not being there..on the other hand that engine looks like you won't have problems with wanting more power. at least for a while, too much power is never enough
  3. get the "r" intake
  4. looks great love black lx's. i like my bilstein hds allot.

    you got road and track springs? thats odd, mine are grey, yours are red. lol. i love my spring/shock combo though you will be happy with it
  5. Yeah I like the setup. I need some new LCA's and a PH rod, I imagine once I get the new engine in and thumping it is going to REALLY need them.
  6. Stuff has been showing up all week. Still gotta make my big last order. Trying to nail down as many of the odds and ends as possible so I don't have any last minute "oh no I need this part" situations.


    Accufab puts quite a polish on their parts.


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  7. What size TB is that? My next TB WILL be an Accufab. That's quality stuff there.
  8. 75mm

    I had an Accufab on my last build and it was the nicest TB I'd ever seen.
  9. Nice setup!
  10. Got some more parts in:


    I can't believe how huge the ports on this R intake are compared to the GT40 I have now. They are like twice the size. Plus it looks like it has a functioning EGR port, where as on the web site it says it doesn't. :chin:

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  11. Awesome! Totally Awesome! Cant wait to see it installed.
  12. Hahahaha, we tainted you. Nice purchase on the R. And yea, the ports are huge, they dwarf the GT40 ports. My build thread has pics of my ported R lower next to my stock GT40 lower, it's retarded.

    I believe the 75mm upper has provisions for EGR, and the 90mm does not, but both use the same lower, which DOES have EGR ports. So if you got the 75mm upper version, it can do EGR.

    The one downside to that intake is that it's a huge PITA to put the upper on the lower. The mounting nuts are really hard to get to.
  13. Thanks guys! Hope I can get it together soon.

    Yeah I was looking at that one stud under the intake and thought "that is going to be fun to get too". I figure it has to be that way though, since if it used the two long bolts like most intakes do, then it wouldn't flow as well. I am running with the assumption that the RPM range of 2,500-7,250 is going to be lower since I am pushing 347 cubes instead of 302.
  14. Correct. Besides, advertised intake RPM range is a very broadly generalized guideline. The combination of parts will determine where the engine makes its power, not the intake alone.
  15. looking good!!!!! about time to start using the arp
  16. No kidding, if the ambient air temp would drop below 100 degrees, and I could get more then one day off a week, I'd be in business.
  17. Ha. Your having the same problem as me. When I'm not working, which is rare, I dont feel like going outside and working in the heat.
  18. I came in today and was informed that they intent to increase my hours. Mind you I'm already working 56+ hours six days a week. I mean, I can use the money of course, but I want to get my car put back together.