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  1. I wish it was bigger and cleaner. lol

    It sure seems that way doesn't it?
  2. I was gonna comment on this, too. Such a nice workspace. But, then, I'm renting right now and have no garage space at all, so any garage would be a good garage.

    I like your classic, too! Is that a sixty...eight?
  3. Close, it my wife's 67. It is next up after I finish this engine swap on my 91.
  4. Made little progress today. Pulled more hours at work this week then last week, they even wanted me to come in today, but I didn't, gotta have one day off to relax right?

    I hate this part:



    It was hard to decide on a stopping point on how much I wanted to clean it up. I know that I wanted to treat the parts that are forming rust under the battery tray, so after hosing it with Simple Green and scrubbing it a little I hit it with some anti rust stuff. Once that dries I'll rattle can it (probably during the week between shifts), I didn't want to put as much effort into this one as my Dodge since I daily it, and it'll still see rain and such. Just don't want rust or grime falling down on me when I am underneath it. I cleaned and painted the A/C bracket, but I forgot to take pics of it. Got through the first layer of grime on the PS brackets also, but I'm going to have to work on them some more, they are the worst out of all of them due to being right under the leaky pump.

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  5. Got my new rad in from AM. This is a really nice piece:


    Unfortunately, thanks to a tip off by Citmov, I found my Ford Racing water pump, isn't a Ford built part. It is the same exact casting as the parts store replacement that I bought a couple of years ago, that started leaking after 6K miles. AM was cool about it and gave me and RMA number with no trouble, but I finally got three days off this weekend to work on the car, and there was the slight chance I could have gotten it fired this weekend. Since I had to order a new pump (Edelbrock), that chance is now out the window as I will not receive the pump until next week. :bs:

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  6. Keep working on it. You can sleep when your dead.
  7. Well, on the bright side, Edelbrock!
  8. You guys think I should put the thermactor plugs in dry?
  9. Putting some makeup on her:


    The baffle on the pass VC hit the rocker studs even with a gasket on. I took the baffle off and it seems to clear now. I guess I'll have to run a small catch can of some sort.

    Check out the ports of the GT40 vs the R intake:


    You really can't make it out, but there is a big difference. Glad I spent the extra scratch on the TFS intake instead.

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  10. ^^^That brings tears of joy to my eyes^^^
  11. Thanks man. Friend of mine is coming over tomorrow to help me drop it in (finally!). First time in a few years I'll have had help putting an engine in. So used to doing it by myself. lol

    Hate to have had to use those dirty headers on my nice clean engine, but new ones just weren't in the budget. Don't like the dipstick that came with my Moroso pan either, it is pretty cheesy.


    Hopefully I won't be posting any of these pics anymore soon. :panic:


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  12. A good cleaning and a can of satin black exhaust paint would make those headers sing along that beautiful engine!
  13. Sorry to jump something so old to the front, But This picture shows that your shop is a "wreck"?

    Come by my garage every month or so (the time in between I go insane and push everything out) And we can discuss the definition for the word "wreck" when describing the shops.:D

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  14. Awesome! Keep it up. Thanks to this thread I had a look at my act sensor and it looked about the same as yours so I swapped it for a new one.
  15. yeah the tfs intake is a nice piece
  16. Too late now, they are Stage8'd to the heads.

    You do much fancier work then I do. lol
  17. They're huge, aren't they? Mine were even CNC'ed, so they looked enormous! They dwarf that GT40 crap.
  18. Well, today was likely the most frustrating day I have had working on a car in years. My friend that helped me with the suspension on the car came out to help me strap the motor in and dial in the bell housing run out. We had the engine stabbed in about 15 minutes (taking it, off the stand, bolting on the mounts, etc). Then we started on the bell housing.

    Ten hours later we gave up. I don't know what the deal was, but we couldn't get it dialed. The factory dowels came in @ .025. OK, cool, I bought some .021 dowels, so that should get us to .004. Nope. By the end of the day we were seeing .190+ on the dial indicator. I must have had that bell housing on and off 100 times. I am very tempted to just put the car together and forget about it. What are my options here? We read various articles on the process, watched a few vids on youtube. According to all of them we were doing everything right.

    This is how she sits. :nonono:


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  19. OK, I didn't get much done on the car yesterday, but I did examine my dial indicator setup. I found my magnetic base is not true on the bottom. I surmise this could be contributing to my wild readings I was getting. Once the magnet is energized, it hangs on, but with the indicator hanging off the end of it while spinning on the crank, who knows? So I made this:


    Once it is bolted to the crank it seems pretty stable (much better then the mag setup at least), and will hopefully produce more accurate numbers. Hope I have Saturday off so I can try it out.

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  20. That's clever. I hope it works!