LaserSVT 2003 Cobra Progress thread

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  1. :banana:
    I know some of you dont like them but I love em! :nice:
    They are Hyper Black and 18x8.5 and 18x9.5, should have them on as soon as the tires show up :banana:
  2. WOW those are nice!

    Now hurry up and mount them tonight! excuses like the tire shops or closed or your tires arent there or any other sortof BS excuses like that.

    :D Cant wait to see em on the car!
  3. Cars not here eaither :(
    Still in the shop. they are waiting for the wheels/tires/intercooler/big expansion tank :notnice:
    I got one of thoes large I/C aluminum tanks... or is it stainless? :scratch:
    Anyway it was cheap and used, here it is :nice:
  4. glad to see its coming together for ya :D
  5. Those are sweet! Where'd you get them? I like the split 5 star spokes! I was considering FR500 but may go with those!
  6. Slick wheels:nice:
  7. where did you get those wheels?

    they look very nice.
  8. Damn... Very nice wheels. Cant wait to see em mounted...
  9. Thanks everyone! They were on ebay and are from Need 4 Speed (sounds ricey) and are Ruff CT5's I think in hyper black. They are fairly light, id say about 2/3 the weight of a stock 17" wheel. Also when I ordered them I called the store instead of just ebaying it and the guy gave me another $50 off :nice: They were under $850 for the set shipped :banana:

    Unfortunatly they were a limited run and these were the last set in Hyper. He had a couple sets in Black and one or two left in silver :shrug:

    Ruff Wheels
  10. Nice! Do they come in 19" ?
  11. Dude those look awesome. They were the ones i hoped you were getting. Can't wait to see them on the beast:D
  12. Very nice man, they will do a good job of replacing the HRE's.

    BTW, nice table...:nice:
  13. :lol: Thanks :rlaugh: Just a $80 used furnature store bargin :nice:
  14. LayzurrrSVT,

    Man, that kind of came outta left field, I thought you were set on the hyper saleens....But I really like these!! I think they are gonna look sooo good on your car; more of a original look that your car deserves :nice:

    Got a ETA until you get your car back?? Can't wait to see them mounted up :drool:

    Nice choice bro :rock:

    btw, how much lighter are these compared too your old HREs?
  15. 3rd pic're missing a fake rivet. :D
  16. thats for the valve stem............
  17. Hes slightly retarded, pay no attention to him. After hes done eating his paint chips he will run head first into the door a few times till he passes out :nice:

    As far as ETA I am expecting to get it back by Friday. May be earlier :shrug:

    The wheels are not lighter then the HREs. I put a rear one on the scale last night and it was 22lbs so they are not that light I guess :shrug:

    Im gonna put the HREs up for $700. All four tires are fine but the passenger front wheel is toast and the P/S rear will need a new lip at minimum ($150)and a new face at maximum ($400) Hopefully they will sell since new they are $1250 each and the tires are $450 (rear) and $400 (front) :shrug:

  18. Must you ruin all my fun with your facts! :fuss:

  19. :banana:
    I love new parts!!! My intercooler tank just showed up with my Steeda oil filter kit (for the PCV) and my new Steeda intake air filter (old one was 5 years old) and my custom lug nuts.

    You guys will prolly flame me for them though. I knew I wanted fresh lug nuts and would need new valve stems for the new wheels plus I wanted Cobra center caps instead of the "Ruff" ones so i ordered this whole set that came with cobras on the lug nuts and valve stem caps :nice: