LaserSVT 2003 Cobra Progress thread

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  1. I know of a nice GT that would look even better on :stick:
  2. Laser,

    Thank you for being different and not going for the status quo (Bullits, FR500, Saleen, Cobra) rims. :hail2:

    I actually like these better than the HREs. :eek:
  3. They look good Bill. :nice:

    Sorry to hear about your HRE's. I know I would have cried. :(
  4. yup............

  5. JOY!!! The UPS and FedEx guys showed up today! I love getting parts :banana:
    I wont be using the centercaps though. They dont fit :( The clip part needs to be 2.5" and the caps face is 2.5 :shrug: Guess I will be stuck with the "Ruff Racing" caps. Mabey I can paint them or something :shrug:
  6. not too bad............i still like the CCW's better!

    these will do though. they seem to be round and should roll.....hopefully

    seroiusly though. i like the GIANT lip on them!
  7. so where exactly does the oil and vinegar go in the car?
  8. For the filter, duh!! :rolleyes:

  9. so thats why terminators are so fast. the air is lubed up before it hits the charger that makes more BOOOOSTES!
  10. i'm also interested in the rims, but i'm only looking for a 1/4 set. do you know where i could find them?
  11. Shhhhh! No, thats my secret power adder! I even have stickers that are hidden for the stealth look :nice:

    :D :rlaugh:
  12. View attachment 284547
  13. i like the new ones better
  14. They are for sale :nice:
  15. How about some pics with the new wheels mounted up? :bump:
  16. Gotta wait till the tires get here and the car gets home :shrug:

    Its freezing rain today so IDK if will even get any parts delivered today
  17. everyone knows there is no freezing rain in texas!!!

    go mount them up. i can install them for you if you come to NC!
  18. I got the same set..the lugnuts are nice...the centercaps only come in a couple sizes....they should fit
  19. The caps dont fit. :( I have an idea I am gonna try with tapping the clips and putting nylon screws in to make the clips stick out 2 more mm and then they should clip into the wheels cause the cap size is just about perfect :shrug: