LaserSVT 2003 Cobra Progress thread

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  1. Yeah I am a picture whore :D

    So now that all the exterior mods are done I figured I would try to get some decient pics of it. Hope you enjoy :nice:
    Glad the shop repainted my under part of the hood too :banana:

  2. You whore!:D The snake is lookin' good Laser!:nice:
  3. Thanks. That's what I figured, a hoist will make it easier. So I guess it's a good thing to replace the bushings and do the diff at once. I might also check my front subframe bolts to see if they are 12mm. I have some stock 14mm bolts I save from an 04 V6 car, with 4,000 miles on them, so if they are 12's, I'll slip the 14's in there too. Then I'm doing Nitto's the same day.

    I changed oil today, took it to the car wash, then got pulled over...:rlaugh::mad:. He was waiting for me because he heard me coming. I'm taking off the Flowmasters and going with the Dyno Max Super Turbos. I have them on the 96. I want it quiet.
  4. Lookin good Bill, you whore!!!:nice:
  5. looks awesome.. ever think of changing the cpillars to the mach style

    car looks awesome
  6. shorty antenna would be a nice touch!
  7. No wonder why you had so many problems with it getting fixed. Look at the place you took it to :D

    Looking good dood :nice:
  8. You went through a lot of chit with that body shop and your car the last few months. I'd enjoy every minute of driving it this year. Everything looks good. I like the new wheels. I bet those Michelins don't hook up at all. They look cool, but Termi power will rip them babies up.
  9. The tires hook up great :shrug: They hook way better then the Goodyear GS-C or D, the Nitto 555, BFG TA KD, various Kumahos that I have had in the past.

    Why do you think they wouldnt hook? LPE and Hennesy replace the the tires that the Vettes and Vipers come with with the Michelins :shrug:
  10. :lol: Sorry but everytime I see a cop I get nervous and take my foot off the gas. :rlaugh:

    I was gonna do he pro chamber with the 3" MAC exhaust as it will be a bit quieter then what I have but also the lower frequencies would be stronger so it would be heard from a farther distance.... which I dont want... guess I will go with the Pro Chamber and the regular Borlas like 04sleeper has. :nice:
  11. ? Why would I do that? :scratch:
  12. Looking good Bill! :nice:
  13. Because although there is nothing wrong with your C pillars, Mach 1/Bullitt C pillars look sexier...
  14. Oh, I thought he misspelled caliper :rlaugh:

    Now I really feel bad as I pride myself on my Mustang knowledge and often point out stuff to friends that they didnt know. That being said I have never noticed the different C-pillars on the Machs before. :rlaugh: :hide:

    Thanks for the compliments guys! It meens alot comming from all of my respected friends. :cheers:
    I do love my car and am happy with the final product.... save for mabey some wheel spacers in the rear. If I do 1/2" do I need longer studs?

    Ya know, I was driving it today and really pressing the loud pedal and realized just how freakin fast the car is! How it so readily breaks its tires loose and how quick it gets to a speed WAY faster then expected :rlaugh:
    Made me realize that I am insaine for wanting a more powerful blower :rlaugh: :crazy:

    I am still doing it though :nonono: :rlaugh:
  15. I didn't mean it in a bad or mean way, and I know hte Vipers come with them, I just I'm just surprised they hook the Termi. The other day in your progres thread you said you had the great feeling of mashing the pedal and hearing the tires fight for traction.:D I just figured you got them for looks. They look amazing. :nice:
  16. The Prochamber will quiet things down quite a bit. My buddies 03GT got much quieter than when he had his BBK o/r H-pipe. I bought his used one for Hack Job and used a MAC cat-back and that thing was loud. I got pulled over in Hack Job the first day....I didn't even make it home from work on it's maiden voyage!!!

    I was on the throttle in 3rd, when I looked over at the felt like getting caught screwing a woman and her husband walking in on it. :eek: :jaw:
  17. Looking good and your car is sex!
  18. Nice dude! That thing is a beauty! Im glad you finally got everything worked out with that shop. I hate having mine in the shop. I'll bet you were grinning like *** with a sac of prized weiners when you finally got to go cruise that bad boy:D
  19. That sucks about getting pulled for exhaust. Even with how rediculously loud mine is i haven't gotten stopped yet(knocks on wood). Laser, it'll still sound Amazing with the Borlas. Vids are a must:D
  20. Looks really good man! Blue Stangs FTW.

    I'll be doing some body work to mine soon... Roush 360/360R kit (stage 3 nose and wing). Cant wait.