LaserSVT 2003 Cobra Progress thread

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  1. Still looking good as always! :nice:
  2. Well, thats what happens with very high HP cars. You are doing 30mph or so in second and mash the throttle and the tires break loose :shrug:

    One day you will have a high HP car and will understand :D :stick:

    JK broham! :rlaugh:
    I dont need more power but the two Cobras I idolize are yours and Kevins. You both have cleaner cars so I need more power :D
    How does the whine of the Whipple compare to the Eaton? Is it louder? I want it louder :p
    I still keep thinking od the 3.4 but since I dont want 800+ rwhp I think I will save the extra grand or so and get the 2.3 :shrug:
  3. Took some new shots and tried some new editing features. Also found out what I was doing was illegal :scratch:
    State flower and all :shrug: :rlaugh:
    I had to clay off the over spray so all the spots that were not repainted got clayed, glazed and waxed :nice:
  4. You had an airplane mural painted on your hood and roof???? :)
  5. Yep, cost a fortune too! :rlaugh:
  6. I bet it did. Car looks good and so do those pics. Those backgrounds are sick.....although you are a flower killer!!! :ban:

  7. Let me know how the bushing install goes. I am getting mine Wednesday, but my Billet Flow diff brace is on backorder, and I want to do these at the same time since you need to loosen up the same stuff for both installs. 2 weeks is what they say. I hope LP is telling the truth.
  8. The CC plates will go in the same day so I can align it on Friday. I will install the bushings on Sunday...... now that I think about it I may want all the new bushings in the rear before I align it :scratch:
  9. New wideband showed up!

    Man it came fast too! :nice:
    Very sweet setup. The sensor module is pretty small but looks like I will have to mount it in the engine compartment cause of the wide bands plug. The gauges driver can be mounted inside but its twice the size of the sensor module.
    Cant wait to install them though. I will put it in on Saturday but wont have the bung put in till Monday. Should look killer!
    Now I am gonna see if I can download an SVT face for it :D

    EDIT:At only $20 more then a standard A/F gauge it is wayyyyyy cooler!After playing with it it does alot! It can read four sensors at the same time and 16 sensors total. You can download custom wallpaper for any of them too. It datalogs on board and has a real time graph display. Its the ultimate tuning gauge. I want to have sex wif it!.... :eek:
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  10. Damn dude thats nice. Its thin too. How are you gonna mount that?
  11. You'll like it, I know tuners who swear by it.
  12. damn! nice mang!
  13. Its going in my gauge cluster where my narrow band one is now. :nice:
  14. Very cool. Cant wait to see it installed.
  15. nice, can't wait to see it installed
  16. Looking good Bill!

    One of the best investments you could make for your car! :nice:
  17. Thanks all!