LaserSVT 2003 Cobra Progress thread

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  1. More new toys showed up today! :banana:
    This is my very first MM piece I ever bought and I have to say the quality is top notch! :nice: The box was so big and heavy I thought they sent me the wrong parts :rlaugh:
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  2. Dude i have the same plates. I've been sooooo busy with work and closing on my house that i haven't had a chance to install mine. You gotta do an install thread so i can get some tips:nice:
  3. Parts look nice....don't you already have cc plates??

    I would like to install mine this weekend, but it's gonna rain, so the area in front of the bay door/hoist will be I don't have my diff cover yet! :fuss:

    Too bad your bushings are coming monday. That is such a buzz makes you wait a whole week again.
  4. Well i did the CC plate and A/F gauge install. Upside is the CC plates were cake, downside is the gauges display driver appears to be bad. The gauge is broken :( So I have an email in for service on it. Oh well :shrug:

    SVT, the CC plates were really easy. I used the old Steeda ones for the hole guide and you have to make sure you have a fast drill with really good bits as the metel there is really thick. A minor note though. What they say to place the spacers at for the strut may not work for you. It said on lowered cars to put a small spacer on bottom and a small one plus two large ones on top. I needed a small and one large spacer on both sides of the plate. :shrug: If I woulda done it like they said then the struts would of hit the hood :notnice:

    First remove the wheel then put a jack under the lower control arm. Then remove the top nut on the sway bar end link. Next remove the big nut on the top of the strut. Dont forget to unbolt the abs sensor wire bracket. Lower the jack till you can get the strut angled out so you can remove the struts factory boot. Pull off the factory CC plates and flip them around to trace the hole and have at it. Only took me two hours to install them with MANY braks and a couple phone calls. Now that I have done it I can do it again in about 30 minutes. :nice:

    The upper left hole is the one I drilled out. I wasnt quite done in this picture as I had to file down the center so its oval instead of 8 shaped.

    New blue boot. I know, the fender wells are filthy. i will get to them.

    Here is the half way point, didnt notice the picture was blurry untill too late :(

    Very nice quality and they clear the STB perfectly :nice:


  5. Nice job dude, they look great!
  6. Thanks. Since the car dosent have to go back to the body shop I figured I would detail the engine :nice:
  7. Very nice Bill she's a keeper!
  8. Lookin good. Did you get it close enough to be able to drive til you get an alignment? So the car is done with going back to the body shop??? I bet you aren't going to go there anymore. How could they have been so careless with the overspray, the primer and scratching of your new wheel and especially the strut tower bar hitting the hood. The hood thing would have pist me off the most.

    I just ordered some Dyno Max Super Turbo mufflers from Summit to quiet my Cobra down. I had my Dad drive it so I could listen to it and the Flows have got to go. That cop told me he heard me from the street over, so my Dad went over there, got on it and's too loud. I want the car to be more of a sleeper. My 96 is quiet as hell with the Super Turbo's so I can't wait to here my 04 with my 04 has two
  9. Yeah, shes at the local dealership getting aligned right now. They just called and said they couldnt get the 3.5 I wanted on the castor, said the closest they could get was 3.8 :(
    But I have the fronts set at -1.00 negative camber and .06" toe in with the rears at .75* negative camber and .05" total toe in :nice:
  10. They just called and said they have to notch the camber plate to get the correct settings :(
  11. So the dealership actually knows how to adjust the cc plates? Thats what i am hoping for because when i do mine i'll have to take it to a dealership and i was worried the wouldn't know how to adjust them.
  12. They still are not done :( Its 5:20 and I am sitting at work when I shoulda left 20 minutes ago :bang:
  13. Guess what? I get to take the car back to the body shop again! :banana: :cry: :bang: :(

    Couldnt get the camber past -3.8 on the passenger side. Also couldnt get the castor below 4.2. Eaither the chasis is tweaked or as I have told him over 10 times, the k-member is fugged up.

    They also notched my brand new CC plates :( and ripped a MM sticker :cry:
    I am so beyond aggervated... their tech went home at 5:00 and just left the car sitting there incomplete. How the hell am I supposed to get home 50 miles away? So me and the two shop managers stayed till almost 8:00 getting it figured out. I now know how to opperate a Hunter Eagle Eye 4-wheel alighnment machine. I was the one that got it to -3.8, the best they could do was -4.2 :shrug:

    Then the ass hat drops a socket on my freshly painted fender! :eek: :bang: :uzi:
    When he dropped the socket is when I pushed him out of the way and did it myself. They didnt charge me eaither. Ford dealerships suck :notnice:
  14. Dude i am speechless. You deserve much better luck than you are getting.
  15. Wow Laser, I lol'd when i read your last post. I know its not funny but so pathetically typical of how most dealerships seem to work. I cant believe the tech just left without any aspirations of trying to solve the problem.
  16. dude your car is a many things goin wrong....good luck gettin it fixed again
  17. Did it chip the paint? Repainted parts are softer than factory painted parts.

    I don't understand numbers on alignments, I just take it there and tell them to line it up. :)

    good luck getting the car in and out of the body shop. I'd stay away from that place.
  18. The socket on the fender? No I didnt see a chip just a scuff that I can buff out. I am just so aggervated with it all :(
  19. I just ordered new top plates from MM and they are $140 a pair :( :cry: :bang: :killme:
  20. 140 for plates? Isn't that the whole CC plate? IF not, how much were those?