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  1. Why?
  2. Because I always think its an immage download error :rlaugh:
    I always right click on it untill I realize its you. :nonono:
  3. Ahhh

    My mom did that 2 weeks ago only it was at around 0*-15* & @ 15 +/- mph , 97 lx wheels aren't too easy to find without ebay..
  4. Nothing too much to report. Car is still in the shop. Sat for over two weeks before the adjuster even came out to see the car :nonono: And once again he wants to put it on a frame machine to see if its tweaked. Its not, I saw it the second time the put it on the machine to confirm. Then he wants to bring it back for another alignment. Guess two dealers, me, body shop, service manager and shop manager are not enough to believe :nonono:
    I told him it needed to be done for the car show on the 25th, this was Monday. He said no problem, will take under a day to put in a new K-memeber if thats the problem. Here it is Thursday and the car still has not been seen by the Geico dude. Geico FTMFL :notnice:

    Forgot if I mentioned I also bought the DM-100 OBDII with the boost sensor. It will replace my boost gauge and looks just like my A/F gauge. It will read boost, RPM, IAT, CT, Timing, short term and long term fuel trims, engine load, cat temps, MAF voltage, TPS and has real time data loging :nice:

    Also got my hood strut kit. I am really impressed! I was worried that a $55 kit would be crappy but the hardware is nice quality and the struts are VERY strong, stronger then the ones I just put in teh Lincoln :nice:
    They are the low pro ones so they lay down more then the others. Also I dont have to drill at all, they just bolt right up :banana:
  5. Woot woot! Finally got thoes ass hats off their asses! :banana:
    The shop just ordered a ne AJE tubular K-memeber with spring perches and a pair of AJE tubular lower controll arms with perches! :banana:
    Should be all together next week!
    They got the alignment within a nats ass but figured its better to just do what I said and order the parts to make it perfect.

    Guess that means I can sell the Kenny Brown 4-point k-memeber brace I have and the new FRPP lower controll arms they installed. :banana:
  6. :bs::bs::bs:
  7. sweet. Its aboot time they did something right:nice:
  8. :lol: I know! Only downside is I just realized I could of gotten them to pay for a MM k-member :bang: Actually I didnt want to do a coil over anyway :shrug:

    Ya know I think its funny that back in November I said to the shop that the k-member is gonna need to be replaced. They said nah, its fine. Then in December when I went back I said it again and they said we will try this stuff first. I said don't need to, its the k-member. Then in January when I went to get it and it still had issues I said it needs a k-member. They said nah, we will try this first (multiple random stuff). I said thats what they said last time. February its still not right and I tell then it needs a k-member. They say well we need to try this first (same random stuff that should already been done). me----> :mad: :bang: I point out he used that excuse twice already. Get it back.... again in March. Still not right, I work on it myself with a brand new Eagle Eye alignment system. It needs a k-member. Over two weeks ago I drop it off and he said lets order a spindle... I ask if that was the same spindle that he said he ordered the last three times. :nonono: So after two weeks and nobody doing a damn thing to it, the insurance dude comes out after I called him for the fifth time. We already had a long conversation about how he wanted to total it originally and how I pointed out all the stuff he said needed to be replaced was in fact not damaged at all and thats the way a Mustangs floor pan looks from the factory (dumb ass). I also pointed out that every single piece that I said needed to be replaced was dead on right and why the hell is he fighting me so hard on this issue. So today he calls up and says I am right, the k-member is tweaked 1/2" back on the passenger side. I said I know, I have been saying that for 5 months now. :bang:
    I also find out they didn't install the new top part of the CC plates I had to buy cause the other ones look like crap after the other shop notched them. The shop didn't want to scratch the new ones. :nonono: I realize they may get a couple scratches from adjusting them while aligning it where the bolts go but damn, just put them the **** on. I didn't spend another $150 for them so I could just stare at them :nonono:
    So hopefully the car will be done by the 25th so I can enter it in the car show. I told him if the parts are not in by Thursday then give me the car back so I can detail it again for the show. I will bring it back the following Monday so they can finish it. :shrug:
  9. Dude you've had some rough few months but in the end it'll be worth it. Still an awesome looking ride too.
  10. Wish I could remember who the hell it was on here that had the Canton or Moroso coolant expansion tank for sale. I want one for the car show but dont wana drop $170 on a new one. :shrug:
  11. I like how the insurance guy says "See...that's why I wanted to total it in the first place."

    What a tool. What a baby. Dude...the stuff is bent, it's bent. It's just bolts, replace the ****. Why are they so greedy when it comes to paying them, but the minute they have to pay out, they whine and cry???

    The car wasn't all that bad. If they would have put all the parts on it that it needed in the first place, they wouldn't have lived with you and your car for the past 6 months.
  12. Its funny, they have only replaced every part I said needed to be replaced and nothing they originally thought needed to be replaced. I guess I should apply to be an insurance adjuster :nonono:
    You are right though. If they woulda just swapped it months ago then they would have saved several hundred in alighnments and several hundred in shop labor chasing problems that didnt exist where they thought they did. :notnice:
  13. x2. their eyes...."What do you know?" They are "Certified Technicians" that know it all. :rlaugh: I doubt the owner of a Cobra would know anything about it....right? :rlaugh::D:nice:

    I hope it all works out and you'll be done with that shop.
  14. Well just found out the lower controll arms are back ordered everywhere :bang: So Friday I will pick up the car and spend all Friday night detailing it for the car show. I will then drop the car off at the shop again on Monday. :(
  15. Since I am an unemployed bum now I went to go visit my baby while shes still in jail :(
    Here she is.

    They have almost everything, its just the lower control arms we are waiting on and they are in route. The K-memeber looks like a very nice piece, solid tubing and nice welds. It is very very light. Seems to weigh as much as two 4-point STB's (I was holding my old KB one when I picked up the k-memeber in the other hand.)
    Now I can go list my KB STB and 4-point k-memeber brace for sale :nice:

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  16. unemployed? didnt you just get that job?
  17. Jeebus man! Why is your progress thread longer than your schlong?

    Ok, I'll have to read it all later.....but your car is awesome! And from what I know you've done some awesome mods to it!

    Now you just need to bring it up to Cincy so we can swap awesome cars for a few hours and toy around. :D'd get teh short end of the straw.
  18. I have been working there one year this coming Tuesday :(
  19. Sorry to hear about your job dude, I know the feeling....
    Car is coming along nicely, you have been busy dude! :nice:
  20. Thanks, I was looking foreward to the finnished product.
    It was nice of my father to wreck the car causeing it to be in the shop for 8 months and then right before I went to go get it for him to get it himself and sell it off.

    I hate him beyond words.