LaserSVT 2003 Cobra Progress thread

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  1. Only in trade for more pics of the hottie in your avatar!

    You can mount the rims without tires...geesh. :rolleyes:
  2. Still dont have the car Greg :rolleyes:

    Since i got off work early i decided to be productive and polished the crap off my brand new second hand tank :nice:
    Look at the pad, it was yellow when I started :eek:
  3. hand polishing FTL. powerball FTW!
  4. That tank cleaned up well :nice: I knew you were good at polishing things. :D
  5. Looks like you just cleaned it up, not polished it. LOL...

    If you really want it to shine you will have to wet sand it and buff it with a machine with a cotton buffing wheel. The Mothers Power Ball is a joke.

    Here is my same tank that I polished FWIW. (It came in the matte finish)

    But I ended up having it powder coated because the metal ring for the fill cap corrodes. It happens on ALL of them. The ring is galvanized steel and whan you mix that with aluminum and water = :notnice:.

    Here's after I had mine powdercoated. Oh, and I switched intakes too.
  6. Thanks Kevin, I didnt want it to be polished just polished up :shrug: I like the matte finnish better :banana:
    I wana change the bolts out to the alen head ones like you have though.

    I got the tank from Dawson on SVTP and it had some wierd black spotting on it and I just wanted to get rid of all that. IDK that they were only $200 new untill after I bought this one, coulda sworn they used to be $300 :shrug:
  7. DAMNIT!! I am so freakin pissed off! :fuss:
    The place I ordered my replacment Fluidyne heat echanger from just told me it wont be BUILT till after new years :bang: I emailed them to see why it hasnt showed up yet and what my tracking number was. I bought it on eBay and the ad said "6 avaliable" which would indicate that it was avaliable, not on back order. Now that the ****ers waited till today to let me know I cant get the Steeda one here till after x-mas :bang:

    I want my Cobra back :cry:
  8. At least my new software showed up :banana:[​IMG]
  9. mmmmmm, chicken mcnuggets :drool:
  10. mmm...ok so where are you getting all this cash? :D I thought you were know selling drugs isnt the answer ;)

    And do you know how to tune? Send me a PM and I can tell you what to do if your going to do it yourself...I still have your # so I could probably just call you or something.
  11. It was from the insurance money. I did some hard core barganing so I could have enough cash left to get the right MAF and tune on the car and correct the Ford faults (PCV filter&IRS brace). I just finnished getting the software loaded and am about to try my first tune on the Mark :nice: But Willie said he will give me tunes included in the purchase I just gotta send him the stock tune so he can edit it :banana: But yeah, let me know whats up. Mabey I can use it on teh Lincoln :nice:

    BTW here is the new big ass MAF :D
  12. I'll store the wheels for you in the mean time :shrug:
  13. Ok. Gotcha! :nice:

    +1. I would go with this over the Fliudyne one any day.
  14. What kind of tires are you getting and in what sizes?
  15. Nitto Invo in 275/40 front and 295/35 rear :nice:
  16. Taking the recient advice I just ordered the Afco dual pass one. Looks like it may be a better unit then the fluidyne. And the front isnt painted :banana: Always thought about spraying "COBRA" on there :thinking:
  17. ^^ teh aw sum

    i've got SVT painted on my stocker for now. really make the heat exchanger stand out more