LaserSVT 2003 Cobra Progress thread

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  1. Damn Laser, hurry up and put the wheels on your car and post some pics!!!!:hide:
  2. Mother ****ers!

    The place I bought my tires from has been removed from ebay and so has their listings. I have no contact numbers or anything! Now I have to wait for pay pal to resolve the freakin issue. Now I definatly wont be getting my car back this year :(
  3. :jaw: WHAT!!!! Ooooo i'd be pissed. You know paypal isn't gonna make it a quick process either:nonono:. Hopefully it works out quickly for ya
  4. I just found the places web site and emailed both of their email addresses. I called the number they have but says office will be closed from the 16th-18th. But they are still closed and I cant leave a message. Oh well, suck is life :shrug:
  5. Because the service from LFP SUCKS!!!! Lethal will take care of you 1000X better and the Aftco unit is better.

    I am not a fan of stencils myself, I prefer the clean look. :cool:
  6. Yeah, I am still up in the air about the "COBRA" :thinking:

    But so far Leathal has been great with keeping me up to date and they shipped it out really fast. Ordered it late last night (after they were long closed) and it was shipped out first thing this morning :nice:

    I love it when you order something and pay for it and it actually gets sent to you! :banana: :rlaugh:
  7. screw paypal.

    did you use your CC or debit card to pay?
    a charge back with your bank or credit card company will be 100X faster than paypal. you dont have to deal with the BS either. i had to do a charge back when my buddy got screwed for $1700 on SVTP and another when my other buddy got screwed by 6 speeds inc (they SUCK!) for $2700.

    got my money back in 2 days both times and never had to deal with going back and forth with the sellers!
  8. Ya, PayPal is defiantly going to take their sweet arse time; especially during the holidays :notnice:. They will probably put a hold on your money for 18-24 days, until the "transaction" is resolved...

    They tried pulling this shiet on one of my roommates, (it was over a simply matter of like $11) but they put a hold on the transaction until they "figured" out what was going on with the whole process. Anyways, he had to get on their azz about it, talk to a couple low level Paypal reps; until he got on the phone with someone who could actually do something. They did end up releasing the money the same day, but it was a pain.

    I would suggest you getting all over Paypal, and especially the seller:mad: That is complete sh**....Ebay should have sent you a automated e-mail w/ all of the info of the sale, so you should be able to get some contact info w/ the seller.:shrug:

    But ya, Ebay has some really strict fine print in their policy, so that is :bs: with that..they cannot just just stop the sale after you paid....I dunno, I would be ALL OVER them about it; especially w/ the holidays going on:shrug:

    Good luck bro,
  9. The intercooler showed up! :banana: Looks nice enough :nice:
  10. WTF is up with the welds???

  11. hey cool! Thats the exact MAF I have...except is says SCT LOL. They must both have the same body suppliers. Compare it to your stock cobra 90MM MAF, you will see how much larger it is in reality even though they say its a doesnt choke down in the middle.

    And yea, those are some crazy thick welds...holy cow.

    Oh....AND WHATS UP WITH YOUR LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! That freegin sucks! I hope these guys will get you your wheels!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Actually its a 95mm MAF :nice: The wheels are here too, it the farging tires I am wating on :(
    Which now that I think about it were more expensive then the wheels were :scratch:
  13. Yeah, WTF...........:stupid:
  14. these wheels are alot ricer i mean nicer than your old ones:D
  15. dang, u still dont have ur car back? how long has it been? and when do u get it back?
  16. Ha ha. I was just thinking that some people said my choice in the Nittos was too ricey and to get a proper tire like a Goodyear or Michelin. Just no pleasing you bastards :nonono: :rlaugh: