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  1. What he said.
  2. Michelins are good tires, I bought my fronts and rears used and they will easily last till summer.
  3. Well I have them on the HREs already and like the tires alot. They are killer in the rain, hook really well and didnt have any shake at 160+ MPH :nice: (closed course of course).
    When Hennesy and Linginfelter hopped up the Vetts and Vipers they pull off the run flats and put these on their 1000+ HP beasts so they must be doing something right :shrug:
  4. Nice Bill! :nice:

    Can't wait to see them on the car! :popcorn:
  5. +1 on Nitto

    :D lol

    I really like my 555's. Good grip to be the stock size. When i get get back on my feet soon i want to get two 17x10.5 rims for the back and get 2 555dr's for fun
  6. i was talking about the rims but im just messin with ya:p
  7. Those will look sick on your Cobra!
  8. Hurry up already :rlaugh:
  9. Damn Laser...NICE thread! Nice wheels too...I love 'em!!!

    I don't come in 4.6L Talk much, but I will now. So you got the Afco eh? Looks nice, and it's cheap. The Fluidyne says it's a 3 pass though and the Afco says it's only a double. The Afco "pro series" has a lot of info on it. Think I should get that thing? Looks easy to install...I did one on my Lightning 2 years ago. Do you have to take the cover off the Cobra to do it? you have the head cooling mod? you have it? If not, are you going to? Looks like the Gen 2 kit says no removal of the blower or the transmission is necessary.

    I don't plan on drag racing my car, or making 5th gear WOT passes, but should I get that? My car has 5,700 miles on it. Guys on SVTP have blown their motors doing 5th gear WOT passes. I can't believe that, but looks like many have done it. I WILL NOT be doing that ever you will be going 150MPH!!! No way I can do that around here.
  10. When the F did you get a Termi? :eek:

    edit: nevermind

    I loved hackjob. :(

    But I would kill for a Whippled Cobra!:drool:
  11. Hey buddy! Welcome to teh dark side! :rlaugh:

    Yes, the bumper needs to be removed to get at everything easier. But the bumper comes off in under 5 minutes. Easiest car I ever had to remove the bumper :nice:
    The Afco is physically larger then the Fluidyne and its supposed to cool better. Really though I got it cause it was avaliable and Kevin said its good and Lethal has been great :banana:
    The only downside is my shop said they had to get a 90* hose cause the one it comes with kinks as it goes to the cooling pump :shrug: No big deal.

    As for the cooling mod, the Evenflo one is the one to get cause you only have to pull off the blower to install it and thats pretty easy in itself. The old style required you to drop the transmition to do it. Its highly reccomended as you have found out.
    I dont have it yet but will have it before summer. It gets hot here and I dont want the hot spot there if stuck in traffic or at the track. Kevin dosent have one eaither but he dosent pull 5th and 6th anyway :shrug:

    You get your IRS brace yet?
  12. Thanks. Yeah, the cover is no big deal, just wondering. The Lightning, I didn't have to remove a thing. I've fixed so many Mustangs hit in the front, so I know those things like the back of my hand.

    90* hose? Just a rubber hose available at any AP store? That sucks they don't provide it.

    Actually, the Gen 2 said the trans, nor the blower has to come off. I'd rather not pull the blower, not that it's a big deal, I just hate pulling stuff apart after it has already been modified/upgraded...ya know? I read Sleeper04's Car Domain page how he heated the bolts that hold the intercooler to the blower so they wouldn't snap. If I did pull the blower, might as well clean the intercooler, but it sure would suck to break those tiny bolts off in there. I have torch, but still.

    As far as the head cooling mod...I don't get stuck in traffic, and I am NOT doing any WOT 5th gear pulls to 150MPH. I mean, if your car has 40K and has not had an issue yet, I almost wouldn't worry about it. I have built and torn apart so many Mustangs in my time, now that I finally have an almost brand new one, I don't really want to touch

    I did not order the IRS brace yet. I figured it's better to wait til spring to get everything I want/need.

    Plans are:

    1. 275 Nitto's that I already have.

    2. Steeda short shifter handle only. (Car has stock handle w/ Hurst shifter)

    3. IRS brace and poly carrier bushings. They look easy. I don't want to drop the subframe and get into that big mess. Everybody who has done it looks like it's a PITA and they said it's a PITA. How did your car hookup? Any wheel hop? I thought I asked you before...sorry.

    4. I am HIGHLY considering the aftermarket heat exchanger and expanded coolant tank with it.

    1-3 are FOR SURE. #4 I am gonna wait and see how it runs in the summer.
  13. Well I just got the tank so Ill let ya know how it turns out.
    As for the head cooling mod you do have to remove the Whipple cause its larger. I dont see how you can not remove the SC though. I look at mine and can barley see the plug on the head where the fitting goes and dont know how you could get the piece in there without removing the SC to get to it :shrug:

    As far as wheel hop, i have only had it once and it was scarry. I was with mr.shovels and Hobidude at FFW and went to show off the car and got on it to pass Hobidude. It was so bad I thought I broke something loose. But that was on worn tires. Before then the car always hooked up killer and even with massive wheel spin I never had any axle hop :nice:
  14. Congrats on the car. I used to be in the 5.0 section as well when I was "89sleeper". Now I am over here. :D

    1 pass, 2 pass, 3 pass. It doesn't do anything different! It could be 10000000 pass and it still would not do any different. The size of the HE and the number of fins per square inch is where the benefit comes from. Also more capacity.

    The Aftco is a MUCH bigger unit than the Fluidyne, therefore will work better.

    I have an LFP one myself and I did not take the front bumper cover to install it. (Although it is very easy as Bill mentioned and would make working on it easier.)

    I do not have the head cooling mod, but when I replace my clutch I will be putting in like the "Style 1" Here: APS Head Cooling Mods

    I can not imagine installing the Gen2 with the blower in place. There is just too much stuff in the way.

    Do the Billetflow Diff brace and the front IRS bushings. I also did the Billetflow IRS Braces along with Maximum Motorsports FL Subframes when I bought my car. They were the first mods that I did.

    I also have H&R springs in the rear of my car. All this helps and I have 0 wheel hop!

    I have been working on these cars for some time now and have become very familiar with them so if you have any questions just ask. I will shoot it to you straight.
  15. Thanks for you help yet again!! And thanks for the compliments. are doing Gen 1 so you cannot see it when installed? That is a pretty good idea since you would want the car to only have your current visable mods. If you have the transmission out anyways, it's a good idea. How many miles does your car have on it right now? Mine has 5,700. If yours is higher and you have no problems, I won't worry about it this summer I guess. The only thing that does scare me is that that website says it can happen under normal operating temps.

    So you just did the front carrier bushings? Did you leave the stock rubber rear bushing? I've heard that one is a pain to change. But if you have the diff cover brace, then it helps strenghten that area anyways. I don't know if I'll do the subframe bushings. I don't wan to drop the IRS. I also see your pics where the IRS subframe braces are bolted in. Those bolts go through the frame rails?

    With this car, I feel like a newb. I'm so good with my 96, and so good with 5.0's. I usually do all the answering of questions, and now I'm doing all the asking!! lol.
    I don't know if what I read on companies websites are marketing gimmicks, or if they are actually true. For instance MM site, said if you only do the front carrier bushings, it just puts more stress on the stock rear bushings resulting in more wheel hop, or a broken diff cover. BUT...I would think that the diff brace would strengthen that. :shrug: I think I need to get the Nitto's on and wait for 60-80* weather and go from there. The guy who had my car said he had no wheel hop so we'll see. I've only driven in 35* temps and most of that was on a damp road too.

    Sorry to derail Laser....I feel like a newb, but when you get updates, post 'em up and I'll shut up...:rlaugh:
  16. Yes, I like the Gen1 better myself. I really don't want to see it. My car has 16,500 miles on it and I still don't have it. As long as you drive your car normal and don't do back to back pulls with no time for cool down, then you have nothing to worry about.

    Yes, I only did the front bushings as these are the main ones that help reduce wheel hop. Here the exact ones I have. Cobra Differential Bushings - '99-'04 Ford Mustang
    They can be a little bit tricky to change, but they arenot that bad.

    The Diff cover is a MUST. 99.9% of stock Cobras will have a leaky diff. This helps prevent flex and adds strength. It is NOT a fun install, but worth while. Dropping the IRS is a piece of cake. 2 bolts for each muffler to take the cat-back off, the bottom shock bolts, and the IRS bolts. Thats it! The whole IRS will come down except for the front.

    Yeah, it can be overwhelming at first, but it gets easier just like anything. It's just nuts and bolts just like anything else.

    I can tell you this, I would rather swap blowers than swap an intake on an old Fox. No scraping gaskets off theheads and intake. LOL...

    The Nitto's will help out TONS. That along with stiffer springs will help reduce wheel hop deastically!

    Let me know if you have any more questions, I'll be gald to answer them.

    Sorry for the Hijack Bill.
  17. Guys, dont worry about it at all! These are great additions! And Kevin, your last post really helped me out. Next weekend I will be installing the new IRS brace (and oil seperator, MAF, Tune and air filter) and I though there were a couple more bolts to move the carrier enough :nice: Wana come by and help? Ill buy the beer! :cheers: :rlaugh: \
    JK mang, I can handle it but you can still come by if you want. We can go do lunch at Chiilies. If the weather is right we can go run at Seven Points too and see what we do in th 1/8th :nice:

    SVT, dont worry about the questions. The only dumb question is the one that wasnt asked. I asked a crap load before for a year before the Termi became mine. Kevin, UM, KT have all been helpful and very knoledgeable. SVTP has way more Cobra traffic so its a killer place for knoledge too. I dont hardly hang out there though. I have so many friends over here that I usually just troll :SNSign: :D
    Since you have a twin screw you and Kevin dont have to worry about the heat as much as I do. The factory Heaton makes a crap load of heat :notnice: I can port it and drop my IAT down by 30+* (I think thats what hot331 did) or get a twin screw and drop them down by the same ammount. With my larger res. box and big ass Afco I/C I should have a decient cooling drop too but I still want to do the cooling mod. Its cheap insurance. I am not planning on topping the car out any time soon but if I am gonna take it to the track sometimes then I want the saftey of it. I really wana get to a SCCA track and have some fun with her :nice:
  18. Thanks for the info. For the diff cover brace only...does the IRS have to come OUT, or just DOWN a little bit? I have a hoist and large jackstands at work so my coworkers can help muscle it out and back in when I'm doing this. I haven't even been under there yet, so I know I have been just been working myself up because I am unfamiliar with IRS.

    I hope the Nitto's and warm weather solve 75% of what I've experienced. I would like to buy the M/T ET Drag Radials, but why spend 400+ dollars when I already spent 300 on the Nitto's last summer, ya know?

    Yeah, thanks for the encouragement about the questions. Like I said, I feel like the noob!! Like I told Sleeper...I will feel much better once I get the car in the air and see how everything works. SVTP has good info and a TON of Termi owners, but man I love StangNet. You and Sleeper have been a lot of help and I feel like I know you guys vs. the guys over at SVTP. Seems like all of those guys are straight up drag racers and beat their cars everytime they go out. I'm just the regular cruiser that will gas it if there is a safe open stretch of freeway, hit 90 or 100MPH then brake to 80 and cruise...ya know? Too risky around here....not a country area at all.

    I am even considering the heat exchanger now. That just takes Fords 2004 yellow coolant right? I think Autozone has that gold stuff for Fords only. That will help keep temps down, I might skip the head cooling mod. I could prolly do it myself, but I'd rather send it to Alternative and just let them pull the blower off and install it. Sometimes I just don't have the time, nor want to even do stuff mechanically. I know I built Hack Job from the ground up, but that just just different. Stock, used parts, old car...etc. I hate messing with new stuff.

    Make sure you get some new pics up asap. I love those new wheels they are gonna make the Cobra look sweet. The 19's were cool, but these new ones you got blow them away IMO.
  19. For the diff cover brace, the IRS does not have to come out. You only have to take the cat-back off, which is just 2 bolts per side (Oh and use WD-40 for the rubber exhaust hangaers, it makes it a LOT easier to remove and reinstall), the lower shock bolts on both sides, and the IRS bolts on each side. The the IRS will just lower down so you can work on it.

    The Nitto's should be just fine. I wouldn't buy the MT's until the Nitto's are gone.


    New stuff is actually easier than the old stuff. Everything comes off much easier.

    For the coolant, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ONLY USING WHAT FORD PUT IN IT FROM THE FACTORY!!!!! I would go to Ford and buy some. I have a really easy way to flush the heat exchanger system so just PM me your phone number and I will walk you through it.
  20. Crap, didnt know it took special coolant for the intercooler. I gotta call my shop and ask what they put inside. I thought these big cooler boxes we have could hold ice. Isnt that why they have that big ass cap?