Last 302 VS. 351W question I promise

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Project 77, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. OK as some of you know I went to look at a 351W lastnight, and the report is in. The motor is a complete fresh rebuild, .40 over, 30 pound injectors, and matching Prom M mass air meter. The only concerns I have are as follows.

    1. Would the weight diffrence between the 302 and 351 cause a nose heavy condition, throwing off the cars geometry

    2. I was told with the way the accessories are on the motor I would have to move the battery to the trunk and remove/notch the exsisting battery tray.

    3. lastly, will it fit in an SN-95 without major cutting

    I was told the motor dynoed at te flywheel at 525 HP. I was also told I could have the motor, installation, tune, and any other thing i needed for $5000. so which is better, a rebuild/stroker from my 302 or this 351W?

  2. quick answers,
    #1 They are heavier than a 302 just run aluminum parts to equalize the weight difference.
    #2 Battery can stay in its present location just notch the battery tray so the Ac compressor will clear (real easy)
    #3 Yes it will fit w/o any major cutting most of the problems are just bending/rerouting brackets,wires and hoses.

    Just take your time and get all of the proper swap parts and it goes fairly easy.