Last Call Racing March Special - Refer Madness!

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    March Madness will soon be in full effect, and everybody is looking for a way to get in on the fun, including us here at Last Call Racing.

    Much like Basketball, the objective of our Refer Madness contest is to score as many points possible. The rules are simple, order yourself one of our many available HID kits, and pass the deal on to as many people as possible. If they purchase their HID kit (doesn't matter whether it's the HID Headlight kit, Bi-Xenon HID Headlight kit, or one of our Combination HID kits) using your coupon, you receive a point. The winner will be determined at the end of the month, and if you've won, we'll refund your order, leaving you with the best Mustang HIDs on the market for $0.00.

    When placing your order, please supply us with a code in the comments field to track you by, like a screen name, and in return, we'll e-mail you a special link to post for others which tracks all the activity with it, and we'll give you another link which lets you see how you're doing.

    Should the month end with the leaders in a tie, we'll split the refund by the number of winners, so in the event of two winners, they will both get half refunds, three winners get a third off each, and so on.

    To make the offer a little sweeter, we also took 10% off of their already fantastic pricing. Seriously, look around and compare our kit to everybody else. Our full kits save you more than $100 compared to what you'll find on other sites, and they're not even using our slim digital ballasts, but rather the big ol' boxes that are cheaper and come in some silly suitcase.

    Good luck everybody!
  2. I need to order some parts , what's the discount code. I will be ordring ford gt supercarpump(2) and stage 2 zone 5 fpdm
  3. Hi, the GT fuel pumps have actually gone up quite a bit in price, and as a result our website will be updated to reflect that. What we used to sell as a set of 2 for $200, is now the retail price on 1 pump..:eek:

    I will see what I can do though, and get back to you tomorrow. Feel free to give us a call if you'd like though.
  4. That is crazy, waiting. My buddy have fpdm so I won't be needing that.
  5. Yea, the best I can do on those pumps would be the $299 we have it on the site for now. There are alot more parts we can save you on though. Brakes and suspension are among some of the items in which we can save people a good amount of money. Just give us a call to get our best price, 858-527-2917. Sorry about the fuel pump price, however we would be happy to get a set sent out if you want them for the $299.
  6. No thanks, that is just way too much. No disrespect but have a look, just bought 2 for 219 shipped. Maybe next time .

  7. There ya go:nice:
    If they have a way to buy them below Ford's cost, that's great! They probably just bought alot of them before the price hike, and are able to sell off their inventory.
    We always will work out a deal on things we can, and if someone else is cheaper, buy it. No hard feelings, maybe we can earn your business next time.
    Thanks for checking with us.