Last Night.....

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  1. Greetings.

    Last night I became the proud owner of a 2005 Mustang V6. :D

    After years of driving a 4 banger Ive finally got a real car. Ive not even had this car 24 hours yet every time I go some place in it I cant help but grin.
  2. Congrats, what specs? manual, auto, spoiler, iup? etc etc :)
  3. Congrats! We got ours in May and the grinning continues!!!

    Oh-by the way: ;)

    Welcome to "the club."
  4. We Want PICS?

    Feed my hunger.
  5. Congrats on the new car!!! And welcome to StangNet...


  6. Well to make this thread not worthless any more heres some pics! Sorry about the lighting on some of these.

    Pic 1
    Pic 2
    Pic 3
    Pic 4
    Pic 5

    All Links so I dont kill the 56kers out there.

    Its black with the auto trany and all the options of the V6 Deluxe Package bought it used with 18703 on the odo.
  7. She's a beauty! Congrats!! :cheers:
  8. Awesome. I dig the color!
  9. awesome, love the color too... where's your Mustang decal on the side?
  10. Car didnt have one on it when I bought it. I love this car though just got back from having dinner with my wife tons of power but then again Im going from a 154 HP 00 Eclipse RS to this. Im very impressed.
  11. I agree! :D
  12. highly recommend you get a tuner ;) if you think its got power now, just you wait haha.
  13. Ok excuse my newbishness here but whats a tuner?
  14. Nice ride! A tuner (or tuneable performance programmer) is what you use to upgrade (or flash) your engine's computer that recalibrates things such as timing, fuel, spark and other variables and usually comes with 2 to 3 tunes that you can choose that comes from the factory. You can also use it to reset your speedometer when changing tire sizes, steeper gears, larger mass air or fuel injectors and it can even be used to turn off the traction control and adjust the electric fan switch. Companies like Diablosport makes one called the "Predator" and Excalibrator makes one called SCT (comes as either "1" or "2") with "2" being more useful in adjusting things where the "1" is just a specific tune (i believe). Anyways they are very easy to use and you just plug it into the connection port underneath the driver's side dash and it just takes minutes to do and then you have instant horsepower (the amount varies with the upgrades and such, but all by itself gives about 10-15 horse. Hope my tutoring has helped and welcome to :SNSign:
  15. I recommend the sct2. to read more about it, and then you probably want to go through lidio at to get it, since he is super good with the automatics (ask scrming).
  16. Thanks for the info does it effect fuel milage mostly my car stays around base with sides trips into town so milage is pretty important to me at the moment.
  17. Again thanks for the info :D
  18. Increase mileage theoretically. You will just want to push it harder so you may see a drop haha.
  19. I just picked up a used Predator myself and updated to the latest revision online (R27) and will be installing it tomorrow (can't wait). You can buy'em used on E-bay or new through many dealers. If you want to learn about them try going to and you will learn alot about flash tuners. You can get custom tunes on both the SCT and the Predator and I'm sure that they are pretty much the same as far as power and mileage gains are concerned and for me what decided which one to buy was the best price, the ability to revise it and the incremental changes that the Predator allows which I believe is more sensitive than the SCT, but you will hear otherwise from the SCT buyers LOL! Alot of aftermarket parts companies seem to be aligning themselves with the Predator though! LOL But, I guess to each his/her own eh?
  20. Thanks for the info everyone. Im not sure really what I want to do as my frist mods to the car. So far I want Sequential Taillights, the GT Grill conversion, CAI, Exaust, Sway Bars and Strut Tower braces, and now a Tuner. Also add in there Mustang emblems for the fenders some how it just doesnt look right with out a pair of these to me.Embelm 1 Mainly its whatever I can talk my wife into letting me spend on this car in mods so Im going to have to be sneaky about it.