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  1. With the automatic I would recommend your first mod should be a will help elimate that horrible throttle response from a dead stop... and improve your shifting... have you tried doing a burnout yet? LOL! (let me know if/when you do! )

    I think around here you'll find most of us are running the SCT X-Cal2.... Everyone has there favorite dealer/tuner... Mine happens to be Alternative Auto. They've got some good info and dyno sheets on their website:

    Alternative Auto V6 info
  2. Thanks for the recommendation scrming looks like Ill have to start saving my pennies at 399 that thing isnt cheap....... But looks worth it. Is having it tuned something I should have a shop do or is it something I can do myself? I know very little about on board computers and how they work in cars. I understand what they do in theroy but in practice thats something else entirely.
  3. A tuner for your car will give you the most bang for your buck... It will make a night and day difference! It's something anyone an use! LOL! The SCT X-Cal2 is very easy to use. You simply plug it into the ODB-II port located on the bottom edge of the dash just under the steering wheel (and a little to the left)... then you simply follow the on screen directions. And that's it! You'll think your driving a completely different car! LOL! There is also a nice little "Return to Stock" option for when you have to take your car in for service... The Predator will work the same way...
  4. Im sold for more power out of my V6 400 bucks isnt to bad well under the price of alot of bolt ons. Got any recomendations for leather conditioner? I havent tried doing burn outs yet but then again Im on an AF Base I do stuff like that around here my commander will eat me alive the next day. Not to mention I cant afford new rubber.