Last race of the Season

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  1. Well, Saturday night was the last race of the season. More of a test and tune/ play day i guess. So hauled the car up to Redding and made some passes. Track was pretty unforgiving on the 60's. But the for the last pass i tightened the blower belt down some more, and was able to get a decent 60ft. Followed by my best time in the car, and in my enjoy

    65 mustang 351 h/c/i vortech - YouTube

    65 mustang 351 h/c/i vortech blow thru. - YouTube

    65 mustang 351 h/c/i vortech - YouTube
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    65 mustang 351 h/c/i vortech - YouTube
    Burn Box & Bad Launch

  2. Sounds good, wear those MT's out and put some Hoosiers on it. Much more forgiving.
  3. thats what i keep hearing about the hoosiers.. a little softer. less passes, but more consistant at the track. and probably at this point, i dont drive it enough on the street to worry about wearing them out.