Late 2010 Mustang 6.2L??

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  1. On the Speed Channel 2010 Mustang reveal show it was mentioned that there would be another "surprise" coming to the 2010 Mustang that would be announced after the first of the year.

    Could it be that the fabled 6.2L Hurricane/Boss will be an optional engine, or part of another hi-po package (Mach1, etc.)?

    Motortrend has gone public with the story that Ford's new Raptor F150 pickup will come with this engine late 2010 with 400HP / 400 LB-FT.

    Ford Taking a Huge Risk With SVT Raptor, Will It Pay Off? | Car News Blog at Motor Trend

    Sure would help the 2010 Mustang compete more effectively with the new Challenger and Camaro. :shrug:

    Ford: I'll take mine in Performance White please!
  2. Though I have my doubts, I sincerely hope they have some kind of performance upgrade. Be it factory supercharger options or a beefy motor, they kind of need to do something. 315 horsepower for 2010 didnt exactly get my blood pumping:notnice:
  3. I've mentioned this before in other threads, and I'll say it again.

  4. Just out of curiosity, any sources? Ive hear several people mention the 5.0 as a possibility for 2010 but that fizzled out. Then I got the news of only 315 HP for the new body style. Kind of dissapointing. Ive always wondered why Ford waited to roll out new engines until midway through production years. Same thing with the Ecoboost motors they were talking about for the MKS, etc. When our dealership got our first one, we all went out to check it out only to find out that supposedly they wont be in the first ones that arrived at dealerships. That was months ago, so where are the turbo motors?? Oh well hopefully they WILL actually make it into next years lineups.

    edit, said ecotec instead of ecoboost.
  5. As for competing more effectively with the new Challenger and Camaro ? The new 400HP 5.0L 4V (Coyote) will not only compete, but will also beat them both with 400HP, and with less weight.

    According to most Ford insiders, the DOHC 400HP 5.0L, will arrive for the 2011 Mustang GT launch, in 2010 !
  6. Although I like the idea of a 5.0L 4V providing the 400HP this car needs (for showroom brochure racing against its competitors), it doesn't much matter to me which motor Ford uses to get there.

    My point, however, is that it seems more cost-effective to utilize an engine they already have planned for production (all aluminum 2V 6.2L) than to engineer another smaller, much more complex (expensive) 4V engine to attempt to reach the same HP/TQ goals the larger engine should easily provide. Moreover, the low end torque of the larger engine would make it a better Muscle Car engine IMHO.

    As far as weight, of course nobody has any idea how much this new 6.2L weighs, but it is reported to have an aluminum block with aluminum 2V heads. It may not weigh that much more than a 4V engine. It no doubt would weigh less than the current GT500 engine with its 5.4L cast iron block, 4V heads and supercharger hardware.

    Either way, the 2010 Mustang should be another wild success, especially with any sort of performance engine choices above and beyond the 315HP base GT engine.
  7. Frank, and Zero_chance. Another reason Ford is going with the 5.0L 4v over the 6.2L 2V, is because it's also a more fuel efficient engine. The 5.0 4V, also weighs less, due to it's all aluminum block and design.

    In the meantime, I've posted several links below, from another thread that was previously submitted. You'll notice that 2 of those links, are from Ford insiders whom are very reliable sources, who are always dead on when it concerns Ford's new power plants. There are also 2 more links included from 2 other Mustang websites as well.

    If you go over to the Coyote Motor confirmed for MY2011? thread, you'll notice a post on page 3, post # 53 submitted by 05fordgt. For he works for a Ford dealership, and is also very knowledgeable, and explains in further detail both the development and timeframe for the 400HP 5.0L 4V.

    At any rate, hope you'll find these links as useful.


  8. Good reading in any case. I just hope it comes true. I think weve all learned by this point to take what we read online with a grain of salt. I think the marketing success alone of bringing back the 5.0 would be enough to justify it. Ford hasnt been putting out big power numbers from their engines for quite some time. Everyone gets quick to say "look at the terminator, look at the GT500". Dont get me wrong, love both cars but the fact that they had to go forced induction tells me that theres very little power left to be squeezed out of the 4.6 so they needed to supercharge them to get significant power. Maybe thats my opinion, but if they could get 350 or more HP out of the 4.6 NA, I think they would have done it. I think 320 is the best they were able to do NA on the Cobras but I seem to remember big issues about power not being up to spec in 99. I know the DOHC that found its way into the Aviator was rated at 302 at the flywheel. Besides, the 4.6 has been around for fourteen years. Longer than the FI 5.0 lasted in the stangs. So I think its way over due for a new motor to rest between the shock towers. And itd be nice if the displacement went up this time around. Either way, Im sure in light of the recent competition, Ford will do something to keep the Mustang desirable for old and new crowds alike. :flag:
  9. Sorry for the double post, but as far as if its the 6.2 or 5.0... well it would be baddass to have the 6.2 as an option but I think the 5.0 and its legacy amongst our crowd would drive more sales. Lets not forget, just because gas is low now, doesnt mean it will stay that way. Going to 6.2 liters would likely shy some people away from it especially if gas comes up or if they have to get a wife to approve of it. Now, best of both worlds would be to have the 6.2 as an option but I dont think having multiple V8s would be something Ford would do. They already get enough criticism about making gas guzzlers even though the Fusion and Milan hybrids will get nearly 50 miles per gallon, new focus can get over 30 MPG and most of the other vehicles in the lineup are in the mid twenties and higher. Granted, theyre no toyotas but what people seem to forget is that not everyone wants a Toyota. I dont. Even with gas at its highest, I was still filling up with premium and I didnt **** about it because I chose to buy my car and realize that gas is something that is a factor when you buy a performance vehicle.
    Back to the point, in my opinion 5.0 > 6.2 for many reasons. Lets not give people more reason to think Ford is a relic of the past. Keep the 6 liter displacements where they belong, in the trucks. 6.2 is more displacement than Fords old diesel and only a little less than its new diesel. Just some random rants while I wait to fall asleep...:leaving:
  10. Usually, I do take what's read online with a grain of salt, however when it comes to Ford insiders, such as FourCam330 from and Igor from Blue Oval News. Both have been very reliable sources, in which FourCam330 obtains first hand knowledge when it comes to Ford's new powerplants, and is usually 99.9% right on the money. But due to legal and liability issues, they are not permitted to formally reveal anything. Until Ford officially announces these new engines for 2011MY.

    In the meantime, until proven otherwise. I'm going to assume that the 400HP 5.0L 4V, is indeed coming in 2010. Along with the EcoBoost 3.5L Twin Turbo V-6.
  11. why is it that i see that people keep forgetting about the 5.0 cammer motor from the frpp catalog? a high production version of this motor would easily fit the bill, and it has already proven itself on the track in the fr00 race cars.
  12. The cammer goes for 15K last time I saw it in a magazine, so if they were going to make it a production motor, what would they be able to do to cut the costs of it? Would making it a production motor inherently bring the cost down? Im sure if they do end up going with a 5L displacement motor that has overhead cams, one way or another it will be influenced by the cammer from FRPP if not a direct offspring.
  13. To answer the question about the cost of production, building small quantities of something that is not mass produced will always be more expensive. Releasing the 5.0L cammer for use in a mustang with millions of sales yearly would lower the cost significantly.
  14. the cammer is also probably a hand-built motor, just moving it into the same kind of production line as the normal mod motor its based off of would probably lower the cost significantly. and iirc the crate motor also comes with the computer to run it. sure, the whole upgrade would be more expensive than the base 4.6l, but it probably would not be outside the realm of a boss or mach version of the mustang.
  15. I'm pretty sure the surprise is the '10 GT500 which is supposed to debut at the NAIAS in Detroit on January 11-25.

  16. Although this has not been officially confirmed by Ford yet. The new 400HP 5.0L, is not the FRPP 5.0 cammer. But is instead a DOHC 4v that will be replacing the current 4.6 3v, in 2010 altogether.

    Therefore unlike the FRPP 5.0 cammer. This new 5.0L 4V, will be a mass produced motor, in which Ford will be able to keep production costs similar to the current 4.6 3v motor, as a direct result. In addition, the new 5.0 4v, is not influenced by the FRPP 5.0 cammer, as the cammer is really nothing more than just a bored out and stroked 4.6L 3v. Where as the 5.0 4V, is a completely new design, from the ground up.
  17. Im definitely interested in seeing how they manage to pull off the 400HP mark. Im assuming this new engine is NA and not forced induction??
  18. Correct, this new 5.0 DOHC 4V, is NA and is also said to be more fuel efficient over the current 4.6 3V. This is probably due because the 2011 GT will also be getting a 6 speed gearbox in 2010.

    In the meantime, we can also expect even more fuel efficient versions to arrive in 2011-12 with Direct Injection, in both the 5.0 4V and 3.5L Eco-Boost/Twin Turbo V-6 as well :nice:
  19. Yep, in 2011/2012 there are going to be some real game-changers ...Ford business plans were just updated ...indeed, they're bringing back the Boss and the Mach!!!...

    ...Just like when Ford changed to the Mustang II 2012, aka the FOCUS ...the Boss FOCUS and the Mach FOCUS

    ...This 2010 may be the last 'true' Mustang we'll ever see. :flag:

    By the way, the Dodge Challenger has been axed going forward, and the Chevy Camaro is on thin ice (with no convertible for now).
  20. :rlaugh: