Late Model Engine In 69

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  1. I'm relatively certain someone out there has put a late model engine and aod trans in a 69 and am looking for some tips. Which fits best? 4.6, 5.0 or 5.4?
  2. 4.6 and 5.4 will not clear the spring towers unless you change the front suspension and do away with the towers . 5.0 is a drop in .
  3. actually that is not true about the 4.6. in fact it WILL fit between the stock shock towers, that has been done before. remember the 69 could swallow the boss 429 with a little shock tower modification, a much wider motor than the 4.6. the 5.4 however wont fit without removing the shock towers.
  4. 4.6 would have to be a very tight fit .A 390 or 428 is tight ,hard to get the center two plugs out. i think the plugs are on top on a 4.6 though. i have never seen a 4.6 in a 69 or 70, if it would fit with no tower mods that would be nice . doing the 429 Boss tower mods would not be very difficult but you will need custom motor mounts. and i am not sure what you would have to do to the trany tunnel so the trany would clear .

    I know a 4.6 will fit in a 71-73 easily, the engine compartment is quit a bit bigger. I have seen this done and it works out great .
  5. i dont think the 4R70W is any larger in diameter than a C6, but there might be minor clearance issues that can be taken care of with a fairly hefty persuader.
  6. You will see no performance gains in using a 4.6 or 5 .4... For your car 351 the best route