Late Model Restoration Discount Code

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  1. Hey Everyone! Just wanted to update everyone on the current discount code for Late Model Restoration. The current discount code is LMR6 and is good for 6% off discountable items. Some items may not be discountable due to manufacturer guidelines, margins, or the product being on sale.

  2. Nice ride! Can I borrow it for a date night?
    I'm a fairly new mod here and plug your discount code when I notice members shopping.
    Really I'm just sucking up so I can borrow a cool ride if I ever run into you guy's at an event.
  3. We appreciate that! And if by borrow you mean "borrow" (judging by your handle) I am not sure if I can let that happen :)
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  4. Thats kind'a misleading, I'm a semi-retired recovery agent, I promise not to 'drive it like I stole it'. Maybe, probably will anyway, just say'n.
  5. Quick bump - Don't forget to get some Chemical Guys before your next car show!
  6. Just used your discount code today, I ordered a ford racing power pack #2 for my 17 GT vert. Saved me about 50 bucks. Also you were the only site that currently has it in stock.
  7. New wheels bump!

  8. Have you checked out the new Rovos Cape Town wheels?

  9. Early Monday Bump!
  10. Don't forget your discount code!
  11. End of the month bump!
  12. Promises , promises . ;)
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  13. Hey Mustang owner in Sweden here. I see that you don't do international shipping and say to use "your favorite freight forwarder", any recommendations ?