1. Nice ride! Can I borrow it for a date night?
    I'm a fairly new mod here and plug your discount code when I notice members shopping.
    Really I'm just sucking up so I can borrow a cool ride if I ever run into you guy's at an event.
  2. We appreciate that! And if by borrow you mean "borrow" (judging by your handle) I am not sure if I can let that happen :)
  3. Thats kind'a misleading, I'm a semi-retired recovery agent, I promise not to 'drive it like I stole it'. Maybe, probably will anyway, just say'n.
  4. Just used your discount code today, I ordered a ford racing power pack #2 for my 17 GT vert. Saved me about 50 bucks. Also you were the only site that currently has it in stock.