Late Night StangNet Talk!

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  1. Is anyone even awake this late... im always refreshing for updates...i cant sleep:rlaugh:
  2. Late for you. I'm 3 hours behind you, but I'm also refreshing for updates. If you have so much free time, why don't you have fun with that sheep in your sig?

  3. picked up my intake, ordered my carb and i just have to get the fork adapter...looks like the T/A t-56 will work with my 306 after all...
  4. Speaking of sheep check this out
    YouTube - Extreme Sheep LED Art
  5. nice! i called an add on craigs lost today to find out its a friend of mine alumn DS for $80 he said someone is going to buy it with a rear however :( but im next lets hope hes a no show

    i got class in a few hours.... Physical Chemistry 2 lab actually.... i should get some rest :shrug::bs:
  6. Yup, I'm awake. I was monitoring the Texas Border at BlueServo I saw one sneaking through the brush & reported him.
  7. Nice.

    my 3.73 gears are looking at me,they want me to install them.

    picked up an aluminum DS on ebay for 125 shipped,waiting for it to come in.sleepy now,later guys.
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  8. oh my god, how did you find that?
    extreme sheephearding...
  9. wow cool :nice:
  10. I just kicked a girl out of my bed so I figured I'd check out whats new on stangnet..haha.. I can prove it :)
  11. HAHA nice...always got to see whats going on on here so u guess i wasnt the only one sitting here staring at :SNSign:
  12. I work up a pretty serious appetite so I'm drinkin some good ole Simply Orange juice and eatin some grilled chicken... I won't be a night owl much longer when I go back to working 7/10's, but it pays the bills..
  13. had to watch the video first,very funny.

    now i swear im going to sleep.

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  14. turbogt, i love your stang...
  15. Looks like my Bassani catback is arriving tomorrow, be happy to get rid of these Flowmaster turndowns on my Red GT - my ears hurt every time I drive the car now. :( It's probably the turndowns that are the problem - exhaust note reverberates between the ground and the bottom of the car, amplifying the sound. Anyway, pics tomorrow when the box arrives.
  16. anybody else up?...
  17. bored as hell... not much talking going on in here lol:SNSign:
  18. I did find some deals today:

    Picking up thursday:
    bbk 70mm fox TB, bbk 70mm egr spacer, fox egr valve, fox iac, fox throttle cable, fox, cable bracket....

    under 5k on tb and elbow


    Picking up sunday... driving 6hours to Pittsburgh:
    Cobra RR hood $100:jaw:
    bbk long tubes + bbk H pipe $225

    Not sure if the deals are that great...

    So then i figure i spend $500.... SO im gonna sell my TB and elbow for like $150 shipped then my headers for like $100.... my bbk catted h with like 500 miles on it for $175

    And then i almost got all my cash back.... ill have to buy a set of cats for the LT's h pipe however:bs: