Late Night StangNet Talk!

Discussion in '1979 - 1995 (Fox, SN95.0, & 2.3L) -General/Talk-' started by Adam95GT, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. OMG,i got to be at work in 6 hrs...:eek::mad::(
  2. I think I've become an insomniac
  3. i posted a thread earlier about my carb comeing in...bellhousing came today also, no pics of it yet...still need parts to mate the 306 to T-56...anyone see it?...
  4. anyboy up? wanting to run through with some ideas at some people and see what they think....
  5. what ideas ya got?
  6. what do you think a 6spd with 3.73's will top out at???...
  7. Too much steroids i guess:shrug:

    snapped in half when i shifted into third.cut my hand on the edge.

  8. WTF! you win:rlaugh::SNSign:
  9. I cANT sleep worth a shat half time either.
  10. got some new wheels for the prelude:D
    $300 with i need to lower it alittle.

  11. I hear you there! Being almost 7 months pregnant is killing me! And my dog is a bed hog as soon as Joe gets up for work at 2:30am.
    Well anyway..... Later
  12. um, pong?
  13. anyone up?...
  14. Of course! But are you still around? I'm up late watching old Transformers cartoons on DVD. :)
  15. oh hell yeah, when i was just a tiny young lad i used to rent the transformers and GI Joe tapes and comic books from the library....
  16. I picked them up on DVD some time back. Of course, they look really crappy but are still cool. GI Joe and the Transformers could never shoot worth a damn, they would miss by a mile very time.
  17. but it still kicks i cant wait to have my car seems the closer i get the farther it is...
  18. I was like that with my Cobra clone. I put so much work into it I just wanted it DONE, but it was so hard sometimes to keep working. I kept a list of all the work I still had to do, and it seemed like for every item I took off the list, two more went on. But eventually, the list got smaller. It just takes forEVER.
  19. i know, im down to getting an ignition, getting the last few tranny parts for the 6spd swap, clutch pak for the rear end, cage, brakes and harnesses...have you seen my posts?...