Late Night StangNet Talk!

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  1. Some of them, yes. You're in deeper than I know what to do, so I'm just reading for now. Cool stuff.
  2. you see that ridiculous intake/carb/velocity stack? dad's an old school hot rodder and talked me into it...its under the need hood post...
  3. Yeah, it seems pretty ridiculous. The only carbs I know about tho are the french fries and potatoes kind.
  4. hahaha...efi junky i suppose...i was going to go with the bbk setup but it would have costed more...upper/lower intake plus TB and tune and injectors....i went carb cause it was easiest and cheapest, the t-56 was a pricey swap but worth it i eventually going to go with a 351w and a weiand blower setup but thats later in the future...
  5. I wish I was still on grave shift. :)
  6. beep beep booop!
  7. Adam!! Sup dude!
  8. nothing bored to hell last post on here was hours ago... im just playing xbox
  9. HAHA! Yeah I know that feeling..just got home from school not long peeps buried under snow still?
  10. no thank god... the focus quit on me and i had to work in it outside to get it fixed:mad:
  11. Ouch:notnice:

    My 'Stangs been down for 3 months now...working out side in freezing weather just doesn't sound enticing either:nonono:
  12. 3 months is nothing... im going on 2 years...:mad:

    Its just too far away for me to be able to work on it all the time
  13. That's true...but you've done a hell of a lot in that 2 years though! Mines just for a stupid head gasket...:nonono:
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    hey guy's.
    thats a long time to go without the stang.
    longest i went was a week,and it almost killed me.
  15. HEY HARVEY!! What's crackin' in nice warm Cali?
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    nothing much.
    watching tv,wishing i had a garage.
  17. head gasket is a cheap fix at least :)
  18. ain't kidding! I'd kill for a garage right now!

    Adam...that's SOOOO true! It was nice to see how clean everything was inside the motor gunk at all and still had the hash marks in the bores. But who knew you couldn't rev these engines past 6k?:shrug:
  19. lol there is no powa up there :nonono:

    but yea mine looked clean as hell also
  20. Ah yes...who knew that if ya had the cruise set and took it outta gear without using the clutch that it wouldn't automatically shut the cruise was my own dumbass mistake..:nonono:

    BUT ya live and learn by 'em I guess.:shrug:

    I'm hopin to get it running for a couple months then go for an aluminum headed 351W and possibly some BEWWWSSSTTTT:D