Late Night StangNet Talk!

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  1. someone has a 94/95 vortech forsale for $1400... whole kit... i almost bit...
  2. I finally convinced myself to go with a single turbo set-up. Just a small 70mm with low boost...maybe ;)

    Vortech would look good on your went to 306 cubes didn't ya?
  3. yep. i might go turbo... cheaper... i think chris has a extra 68mm sitting around and a coldside... flip over a set of shorties and get to welding
  4. Damn...that looks like a decent kit with a lil elbow grease. Not sure about the excessive hole he cut for that massively hideous boost pipe though..
  5. lol didnt see that
  6. Oh Turbo'd vert just has a sexier ring to it.:nice: Hopefully you get it running and driven this summer.:shrug:
  7. Its what i want for graduation... a running mustang... to be able to cruise the beaches with... I just need to figure out the wiring problem, make a cold air, and run brake lines
  8. Yeah that'd be a damn nice grad. gift! If I was closer to NJ I'd stop by and help when you were working on it.

    Oh yeah...I totally forgot about you wiring issue...did you start a thread about that?
  9. i think its grounds
  10. Do you have a chart with all the grounds on it?
  11. Nope... im getting a clicking buzzing sound in the ccrm and its pissing fuel its like the pump just keeps priming with key on.. but i seriously just turned the key to see if i was getting power in places... starter isnt wired and grounds arnt even there yet...

    BUt a chart would be nice.
  12. Grounds - Locations | ::TECH ARTICLES:: | 100% 94-04 Mustang Tech, Articles, Help |

    You could try that..not sure if it'll help?

    I had a problem with my ccrm last year....but it didn't kick the fuel pump on. Maybe a relay is stuck closed keepin constant power running with the key on?
  13. That was my other thought, lucky pokageek hooked me up with his spare ccrm... so as soon as i have time to get up there and charge the battery ill see if it changes anything
  14. Well hopefully it's something as simple as that...that's the only problem with these damn fuel injected cars! lol

    I'd swap ccrm's and check your relays...cant ever hurt? I did that with my ex's 6er...fuel pump relay went out and I replaced it with the one from the horn. She didn't have a horn for a couple days but at least it started!
  15. cant sleep:mad:
  16. watched 24 last night.
    jack bauer's my hero.