latemodel 302 in 66?

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  1. im picking up a 66 coupe and i have a 302 out of a fuel injected foxbody sitting in the garage... wondering who has used one of these motors in a 65-66... i want to use a carb setup to make it easier but im not sure if the heads E7TE will work well with a carb, and also is the latemodel 302 block identical to the late 60's one? anyone that has done this may be a great help... thanks
  2. not one person on this site ?
  3. I do know that you will be looking for parts for a 1985 block since it was the last year Ford put a carburetor on a Mustang. You will need the 1985 distributor - those are compatible with the roller cams. You will need to change the timing chain cover, oil pump and oil pan and a few other things I think. The heads will work just fine.

    Do a search, you will find alot of good information here... :nice:
  4. It will work, but why not just run the EFI, you will have to run a differnt radiator unless you want to change your pump.
  5. i really didnt want to get involved in running efi because then i would have to get all the supporting stuff like injectors and throttle body and mass air, ect... if i run a carb setup all i need is a different intake and a carb and the rest is pretty much straight forward... all i have right now is just the longblock but it was originally a 302 efi roller block...

    so i need a 85 or older distributor?

    thanks for the help guys
  6. You can only use a 1985 distributor. The 1984 and earlier blocks were not roller blocks so the gear on the distributor is different and is not compatible.
  7. The E7 heads will work fine with a carb, plenty of guys over in the fox forum have swapped to carb.

    If you are going to machine the heads, I'd recommend talking to Mike Schultz aka "Thumper460". He does some awesome work with E7's.

    Thumper of Orange Park

    Good luck :nice:
  8. i was actually thinking of using a set of gt40 heads for a slight power increase over the e7's...

    i need to do a little research to see what cam, intake, and carb i should use for that, most of the stuff i have delt with in the past has been fuel injected foxbody stuff so the whole carb think is a little new to me...
  9. Hey, Allballs, I just did this conversion recently. Not a lot to it as long as you understand that they're just engines and need fuel and air.

    I took a 5.0 HO from a 1989 Lincoln LSC and put it in my 67 GT Convertible. The original 289 was shot.

    Anyway, there are a couple of things you have to do.

    1. Weld up the hole in the block where the dipstick goes in the HO engine. At least you have to do that in the Lincoln engine as it has a rear sump oil pan. You need an early style front cover to accommodate the oil dipstick and the fuel pump. You also need a fuel pump eccentric on the crank to activate the fuel pump.

    2. You must re-balance the flex plate to 50 oz if you are using an old one. If you are using the original, it might not fit inside the bell housing on your transmission.

    3. Distributor gear must be replaced with a steel one. Mine was the .467 diameter. I'm pretty sure they are all the same. I have mine pressed on at the machine shop as the replacements from Ford Racing are not drilled for the roll pan.

    4. Carb intake manifold. Fits right on.

    5. I didn't change the heads or cam. Those that came from the HO engine seem to work just fine. My Mustang runs great with this combination.

    6. Oh, and you have to go with a regular exhaust manifolds or headers designed for early Mustangs. The 5.0 factory headers will not clear the steering box on the driver's side.

    Good luck with this swap.


  10. great thanks a lot for the help....

    what car/year did you get the oil pan and timing cover out of?

    did you use v-belt or serpentine?

    thanks again

  11. Jim,

    I got the oil plan from one of the parts vendors. Probably CJ pony parts. They all sell the same stuff. It's and import knock off, but it fits fine. That reminds me of another thing though. Be sure to use the oil pan shim rails from the 5.0 as the oil pan bolts for the 5.0 are slightly longer than an old 289/302. If you don't shim it, it will leak because the bolts hit bottom before they completely tighten.

    I used the front cover from my original engine. They are also available at Mustang parts vendors. I used the old V-belt system. If you go with serpentine and the 5.0 pulleys, use the 5.0 water pump as it is a reverse rotation.

    And another thing I forgot, if you go with the 289/302 flex plate or flywheel and rebalance it, you must get a new harmonic damper for the front to be compatible with the engine balance. All of this stuff is readily available.

  12. when you say that you used the original cover from the old engine was it a 289 or a 302? im just curious cause i thought the 289 and 302 were different?
  13. I'm using my original distributor for my roller block build, just going to get the required gear to mate with the roller cam... if you are going with the original style clutch linkage (for a standard) the roller block will need to be drilled and tapped to accept the block side pivot. Go with whatever carb/intake/head combo you want that will work with your cam of choice. Just because it's a late model roller block, doesn't mean that EVERYTHING has to be late model....I've learned that I need an `88 crown vic 5.0 water pump to work with my setup. I'm going with my original carb (if it'll handle the cam/head/intake selection) for the illusion that it's still the 289/4bbl setup. I'm also going with a Northern aluminum radiator to keep things cool. I'm also going w/ the top loader...

    Just keep doing research and asking'll get it all worked out. :nice:

  14. This is a good article that I found. I did the same swap with my car except I went with the V-Belt set up. And yes you will have to get a radiator with the staggered outlets. Read the sections that will apply to your car.

    Swapping a Late-Model 302 into a Maverick or Comet
  15. thanks... im slowly gathering all the information to help me decide which route im going to take... there is so many options of how i can do this...
  16. Good stuff...when my motor goes out (thought it did a couple of weeks ago, but that's another story...) I am going to do the same thing, run a carb'd roller 302. And v-belts. This is a good read!