Latest Chazcron rendering...

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  1. This one is based on the black and white picture that we have all seen. But instead, we get a rear view.

  2. Very Sweet...and well done Job.
    -Nick :nice:
  3. Good job on the render but I'm still not digging the butt on this thing.
  4. Nice job on the pic, but it doesn't get my engine running.
  5. It looks like a pig with its butt up in the air waiting to get #$%&*ed! (he actually did do a good job making it though)
  6. I agree, I like the looks of my Stang much better then that.
  7. The tailights are to big. The car is too high also. Hopefully the Shelby or Cobra will get the concepts taillights.
  8. My wheels are probably too big and too high[​IMG]

  9. I hate that rear end, looks terrible, nothing like the concept...

    But anyways, it's a nice render... But, wheels too big????????????????

    You mean too small and skinny?

    I really don't think the next Mustang is gonna be riding on some 195's and 16" rims..

    How about the above with some meaty tires??

  10. Yes some nice fat tires are needed on that thing. Also I think this next Mustang should have nothing less than an 18" rim on it. Anything less just looks goofy.
  11. I rendered this setup to match the 'dealer' pic, and the wheels were bigger on my render than the photo, thus the real car sat lower. My wheels are based on the blue spy side shot at TCC. I highly doubt the concept taillights will show up anywhere. Has Ford ever made different tails for the same model year? Will Shelby foot the bill for a whole new tail and trunklid? I doubt it.
  12. I have a question to those who don't like it...

    why are still looking at the 05 pic threads? just like to hear yourself?
  13. Curiosity maybe??
  14. Somebody might have had something different.
  15. Hey Chazcron what happened to the spoiler? Can you photochop a Saleen on there.
  16. Yeah that way it can look really bad. :)
  17. Compared to the original concept car, I find the production version very boring and plain. A bit disappointing. Not chaz'es work, ford's. Chaz gave us a nice render. I think ford wimped out. Not that the tail lights had to stretch across the back, it's OK if it's just 3 bars in the corner, but the original concept car had the crisp clean look and a nice angled indent to get under the trunk lip. The whole panel being indented looks like an after thought, why even indent it? To pick up on some old school look of the 60's cars? Then really indent it, like an inch or two deeper, this barely looks indented at all. Again, like they wimped out. Tail pipes look wussy too, what are the, a whole inch and a quarter diameter? Those babies should be twice as wide. Fatter meats on the rims would look better too. They don't look like a sports car's tire, they look like an econo cars tire, way too skinny. They managed to keep enough on the concepts looks up front on the car, but they let me down on the backside. Just compare it to the backside of the concept, don't mind the color, it's the largest one I had handy on my site without any dress up kit on it.
    Even the gas cap has a cleaner crisper angle to it instead of just softly being rolled over. Yeah, yeah, I know, it's not a gas cap, just an emblem, real gas cap will be on the side. But it still looks like one so I'm calling it one anyways!
  18. Because nobody has seen the actual design yet....that I know. These are concepts and renderings. Just because I don't like them doesn't mean I can't look at them. There are definitely some that I like. But this one I do not. I understand what Chazcron was trying to acheive, but I just dont' like it. It looks too much like a V6.
  19. surprized no one mentioned the exhaust tips........... where are our pipes!!! it goes from the muffler and then no pipes