Latest Chazcron rendering...

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  1. Nice work. Now let's see a dark green/black GT vert!
  2. Vyto's and Chazcron's art isn't all that great! You guys should check out MY 2005 Mustang Renderings! Check this out!

    <img src="">

    That car is the da bomb! Face it ya'll, you've never seen the '05 Mustang look better! :D
  3. So...the only parts that are painted are the windshield and the rims? Looks sweet! Very Practical!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

  4. I think it does look better. :nice:
  5. lol I love it :nice:
  6. That's it, I quit my job... how can I compete with someone that good? :p
  7. Looks like a bomb alright :p
  8. OMG..... what has this forum become...... :stupid:
  9. Well, here we go again, more variations to create now that we have a decnt looking rear shot... :p
  10. Just adding the black insert between the tailights made a HUGE difference!

    Nice touch! :nice:
  11. I can't take the credit for the insert, burningham did that to his renders and I grabbed it cause it looked good.
  12. Now the rear looks better.
  13. That picture looks better with that blacked out but it wouldn't the real car much. It looks good in the picture because it compliments the black in windows. The real car would need something else blacked out to make it look good, such as boss or Mach 1 striping (or really heavy window tinting).

    Any change anyone can do a rendering of the car for a perspective we would normally be seeing a car at. The only way anyone would see the real car from that angle would be if they were two years old or pulling up behind it in a go-cart. The same is true for almost all the pictures we have seen of that car.
  14. The lower portion of the rear bumper looks like an Altima/Maxima...the newer ones. I hopeit has pipes and not mufflers, or there are going to be some seriously disappointed Stang fans out there.
  15. These Mustang butt arguments are like Jenifer Lopez butt arguments. No one would kick Jenifer Lopez out of bed, and a slightly big butt isn't gonna keep people from buying the new Mustang, either.
  16. My comments had nothing to do with the size of the car's rump. I was talking about the black that was added to the car and how it would affect its overall appearance. It just so happened to be on the back. I don't care how big the backend is as long as it looks good.
  17. I think vyto2's latest rendering shows that the wheels make a HUGE difference...

    I just hope that the GT's are not going to have the traditional Ford 4x4 look.
  18. You'll see all kinds of models, stripes, colors and wheels just as soon as I can get to them. Just like I did for the front view. Don't know if I'll pull off a vert right away, looks like a tougher task from behind, don't have any open views to strip in of the concept vert or anything close. Maybe I can get burningham to work that out while I fuss with the body trim, etc... ;)
  19. Man they're some HUGE a$$ wheels. Personally, the fronts look too big, but it is gunna look a boatloat better with bigger wheels and tyres.
  20. Can somebody lengthen the rear bumper some to make it more inline with the sides and maybe tweak the exhausts to see what it looked like with the pipes molded in the rear bumper?