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  1. Well yesterday I brought the 95 into a shop to have the ac looked at and they said basically I need everything. They wanted $1700 to do it but I passed, went home and ordered parts. Compressor, evap, high line, and condenser. Found a shop to do the labor for 250. Oh and my cobra wheels came in yesterday as well.
  2. so what was the difference in parts plus your labor and shop quote?
  3. The parts totaled 420.
  4. Good choice, doing research is always advised. I did the rear springs on my pony and saved as well.
  5. Ha yeah I too did the rear
  6. Sounds dirty
  7. These new 3.7 ponies will fishtail & wheelhop from the factory, everyone needs to lower the rear to correct "roll center" and gain grip especially with lca brackets.

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  8. Most will w stock rear control arms. I put springs on the 95 for a few reasons: The oems had over 300k miles, looks, and a tad performance gain.
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  9. Let's see those Cobra wheels!
  10. Thanks bro! nice wheels!
  11. Thanks man
  12. Dang, I wish you would have posted before buying. I took all those A/C components off my '95 even though it blew super cold air, cause I was young and dumb and wanted the extra space under the hood and weight savings... I have it all up in my attic just sitting. At least you will have all new parts though.
  13. Dang yeah.. Now just gotta get er running right again
  14. Damn. They wanted $1300 in labor? Even if they said the parts were $700 that is $1000 in labor. If you found everything- compressor, condensor, lines, receiver/dryer, etc. for $420 new that is a steal. Where did you score this?