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  1. Hi everyone,

    Long time stalker of Stangnet as I've been a huge fan of Mustangs since I bought my 1988 Notch 5.0L as my first car in 1994. I had the car and modified it until selling it in 1999 to pay off college bills.

    Fast forward to today, I'm the proud owner of a 1999 Mustang GT Limited Edition. It's black and has Bullitt style 18" wheels and brand new Bridgestone Potenza RE760's in 275/35R18. It also has a BBK CAI, BBK Headers and Flowmaster mufflers (way too loud for this guy). It has all original limited edition add ons, except for the original wheels. Car has 121,900 kms/75,745 miles. It desperately needs a full buff and wax as the black looks really murky in several areas. Also, the silver seats need a serious cleaning and it has silly GT 500 decals along the bottom rocker panels which will be removed. All this stuff gives me something to work on over the next month it will be locked away in my garage.

    According to Voohees records, this is Limited Edition #1000. I'll have pics up once I can take some decent pictures outside. I'll also do a before and after of the clean up of the car.

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  2. Glad to hear you picked her up! I honestly cannot figure out why people get rid of the factory wheels?!

    Good luck!
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  3. Welcome to our prestigious corner of StangNet! Looking forward to seeing some pics of the car and to hearing more about your work on her in the future!
  4. Congrats to you sir. I'm sure with some good TLC she'll be looking real nice, looking forward to some pics.
  5. Thanks guys!

    Here's a few pics. Sorry about the car being so dirty but it's how it is for now until I can start detailing and cleaning it up.