Latest Renders - You aren't going to believe these

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  1. First, the very talented Chazcron rendered an *Accurate* model from the production car dimensions:


    Then, burningman went to work on that model and came up with the most amazing renders:


    PRODUCTION: :hail2: :banana:
  2. very nicely done...theyre lookin good

    i dont like that t-tops one tho
  3. Off Topic, but did anyone run into TOYSRUS lately and pick up the CONCEPT Models in CONVERTABLE and HARDTOP?

    I think someone on here can do a whole lot with some plaster, JB WELD and patients on those models.

    Also get the models measurements, which are probably more accurate.

    They look GREAT also.($24.99)
  4. Nice work, ugly car.
  5. Great job. Thanks for taking a shot at the vert. Very cool.
  6. Toys R Us huh? I'm going tomorrow!
  7. Good job on the pictures! I'm looking forward to offical pictures of real thing.

  8. I am totally impressed by those convertible shots! The T-Top one looks so much like a Mustang II it is scary! I love the wheels on the orange Mach 1. I wonder what a Roush or Saleen front end would like like on one?
  9. Wow, gimme a new vert :nice:. I may have to re think wether or not I want a couple now :nonono:
  10. Maybe Im the only one but I think the T top looks freaken HOT! :nice:
  11. I don't know what I'd do if they come out in T-Tops, but I guarantee the first thing will have something to do with changing my pants. That car is off the hook, and the renderings all look gorgeous.
  12. :jaw:
    I know aint it great :D
    Let me give another scary thought then- the 1st 2 can be added to that- just go to the II forum and look in the Members ride tread- check out any of the Cobra II's with the window slats, and the chin/rear spoilers and that is what you'll see there too

    I can't wait to buy my NEW Mustang II :jester: , and if there was a chance of T-tops( doubt that but in any case we can dream)
  13. The silver vert is now my backround... I can't stop looking at it :drool:
  14. More pics! Cool!!! :drool:
  15. Pics look great! excellent deductive work.

    .....just one teeny tiny thing... lose the chevy spoiler!
  16. It's also a FORD spoiler- check the II's
  17. I'm sorry to you Mustang II fans but these do NOT look anything alike.



  18. I agree...mustang IIs are the ugliest mustangs made. The new mustang has absolutely no resemblance to it.

  19. I only thought the T-Top one looked like a II. Except for the front end I think those renderings look like the current body style Mustang. They do seem to be not as long though. Maybe that is why some thing they look II-ish, since they were the smallest of the Mustangs.
  20. I think a lot of car mags renders looked like mustang II's, what with the coke bottle bodies they thought ford would use. :lol: