Latest Renders - You aren't going to believe these

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  1. Damn, that orange Mach 1 is awesome! I hope they make a Mach 1 (complete with shaker hood) for 2005, or at least 2006+.

    I had plans to buy a 66 fastback, or 69 Mach ro Boss.....but damn if those '05's aren't looking more and more tempting every day. :nice:

  2. Sometimes these cars remind me somewhat of the old Mustang II King Cobras...don't know exactly what it is about it. I guess we won't all know until they are right in front of us.
  3. Here are a few more done by Chazcron and Burningham
  4. Cool, how about a dark green vert with the torque thrusts? :nice:
  5. Very nice images, great work.

    If you want to make them even more realistic you may want to change the wheels. The production car will not have wheels like shown on these images. The '05 will be using high offset wheels. Like the Lincoln LS & T-Bird have. The best image so of of how the wheels will really loos is the B&W image advance dealer info.
  6. These are GREAT. How about that same shade blue, base model GT vert?? :)
  7. NICE! Lets hope it does look that good...
  8. Without a black, rear spoiler the Mach 1's make me wanna :puke:.
  9. Look closer, they all have black duck tail spoilers. But they are a bit hard to see.
  10. Try unbelievably hard to see. :nonono:
  11. I never said they were easy to see, but they are there..
  12. Glasses? I can see them just fine.

    Make sure you e-mail the renderer and tell him his effort, time and skill are worthless because YOU can't see the spoiler. Come'on, give a little credit to what these guys have done. We're lucky we have these renditions at all.
  13. Preach on brother man!

    I am so very tired of all the negativity on this forum. Perhaps it is time for everyone to get off of the "it's ugly" kick they are on and ad something intelligent to the forum.

    And, no this wasn't directed at you Fireman. It has become a discouraging trend among this forum as of late to do nothing but whine about the new car.

    Everybody needs to grab a tissue and wait for the real thing in January...
  14. . :nice:

  16. Oh, yeah they are soooo easy to see against the black background. :rolleyes: Maybe I'll invest in some of those magic black spoiler, black background glasses you have just so I can see them.

    Actually I'm one of the very few that like the production model over the concepts. Those things were IMO some of the most unworthy cars to hold the name "Mustang", and I for one an VERY happy to see how much the real car differs from them.

    I was just trying to say that a Mach 1 doesn't really seem like a Mach 1 without a rear spoiler. So excuuuse me for being a Mustang fan. :nonono:
  17. But I don't see ANY resemblence at all :shrug:



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  18. I see the resemblance to the II. But IMO, I think it looks a little closer to the 67-68 style than anything.
  19. most of the stangs have simularities to one another, so you could make an arguement for various model years.
  20. that was my point exactly- but there are too many people that are brianwashed into hating the II's, that there is no chance for them to see anything in them at all resembling any of the other years.