Latest Renders - You aren't going to believe these

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  1. just kindof ironic that nobody like the car that revolutionized the mustang suspension and kept the mustang alive through the times where all the other sports cars died
  2. I just don't see the resemblence to the mustang II. I know you compared them all in the same colors and stripes, but the body shapes are so different. The mustang II has seperate bulges along the fenders to the headlight, a coke bottle dip in the mid secion of the body work. The 2005 doesn't. Again, the new car resembles 60's cars much closer for me. No disrespect to the Mustang II, just don't see the similarities.
  3. The frontend has look of the MustangII :nice:

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  4. and so are you. :notnice:
  5. Theres a seperation between grill and headight that notch in on a mustang II, the new car is much different, headlight bucket like a 69', hood smooth. No notched cut out. Mid line of mustang II dips, new car, straight across. Where is this similarities other than the colors? I could post a pinto in the same color as the mustang II that has more styling cues in common with the mustang II than with the new mustang...
  6. The II and the new mustang look increidbly similar.

  7. I dont know WHERE you guys are seeing the resemblance to the Mustang II

    The front end looks alot more like the 67-69 stangs, and the back looks like the 64-66.


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  8. I kinda like that Bullitt render. I think it is more for the nice wide lip portrayed on the rear rims. :nice:
  9. OK, feel the love, I decorated a new stang to look like your beloved mustang II king cobra!!!
    I even included our lovely super model of the day!

  10. :eek:
  11. That red Mach 1 makes me dizzy. I WILL get one if they do in fact make one later on. I love the look of these new cars, and these renders are like a dream. The hood scoop brings it all together IMO, but I am partial to scoops (look at my sig for pics of my ride). Nice work!
  12. Hey Vyto how about a 79 Black and Green Cobra done in the new body style. It might be hard to find a picture of this car.:shrug:
  13. :jaw: :jaw: :

  14. Seems like vyto2 has TOO much free time on his hands. :bang:
  15. lol definately
  16. Actually, I whipped that one out at work on a crummy PC instead onf my nice mac at home.
  17. These "renderings" are getting way out of hand.