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  1. I have always hated the luggage rack on the Fox body convertibles.

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    Went scrounging around in the JY and on CL for a smooth trunk lid and a Cobra wing. Low and behold, at my monthly JY visit I found this rust free and straight LX trunk lid with lights, lock, even the cable for the lights for $25 bucks. Then found a guy in Miami with a used Cervini Cobra wing with the light for $50.

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    Needless to say, I am very happy with the purchases! $75 bucks plus $20 for gas and I got about $500 in parts. They just need to be prepped and painted, and the wing needs to be attached to the trunk lid.

    Anyone know of a good place here in S Florida that does paint?
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  2. looks like you've already got a nice collection
  3. Lol... About 20+ years of building/trading these cars is stuff around here.... The stuff on the shelf are mostly parts I polish and sell, various engine parts, in the wrap LX tails, and under the towel a perfect black 95 leather passenger seat (trying to find a matching driver). Under the work bench is a set of 10 spokes with tires the guy I bought the car off gave me for free. The other side of the garage has heads, intake, exhaust, transmission, suspension, and larger pieces. Good thing I have a 3 car garage and an understanding wife. I'm a pack rat with parts for these cars and don't like to throw anything out. Who knew the damn smog stuff, cats, stock intake tubes would be worth something which I saved. :shrug:

    Oh yeah.. forgot I just bought that Champion 2 core alum radiator new in the box of a guy yesterday for $100 bucks! :nice: Will install that with the SS overflow I got on Ebay for $25. Should do a nice job of keeping the temp cool combined with the Taurus fan
  4. Nice score on the truck lid, but to each their own on the wing...